1. Klipspringer


    Taken during June 2020 in the Eastern Cape. Getting on top of the mountain took some hard legwork. Combined with the ice cold wind on top of the mountain and being almost drenched with sweat after climbing to the top, we soon started shivering as we waited for the ram to present a shot. At 150m...

    Klipspringer Archery Hunt Opportunity With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Greeting AH community! We are excited to offer this to our return and prospective clients in the 2020 season! If you have hunted the tiny 10 at all you will know it is not easy. Let alone trying to accomplish it with a bow! That being said the Klipspringer has to be one of the absolute hardest...
  3. JoeA

    Tiny 10 - Which ones are the hardest to get?

    Hi, I watched a hunting show recently, where a hunter & PH took a Klipspringer and a Vaal Reedbuck. It got me wondering about the Tiny 10. Which ones are most/ more difficult to hunt due to habitat? Which one(s) has the most restricted range? My curiosity lies in learning more about the...
  4. Philip Glass

    NAMIBIA: Leopard Hunt At Westfalen

    I hunted in northern Namibia with Westfalen Safaris in October and November 2016. I was hunting leopard, damara dik dik, and klipspringer primarily. On the first day we spotted elephants, mountain zebras, giraffe, gemsbok and other game. The drought has raged on for two years in this part of the...
  5. zim 2013

    zim 2013

  6. SCI Gold Klipspringer

    SCI Gold Klipspringer

    With the possible exception of the dagga boy, this 5"+ klipspringer was the hardest won trophy of the last two weeks in the dry 100 degree heat I spent on the Meeteetse River in Zimbabwe. That's me on the left, Walla my trusty PH on the right. I think he was happier than I was as this...