1. Philip Glass

    Kahles Red Dot

    Here are some pics of my KGun with the new Kahles red dot sight installed by J.J. Perodeau. He is brilliant! Regards, Philip
  2. BigGame

    Kahles KX 3.5-10x50 With Kahles Lens Covers For Sale

    KAHLES KX 3.5-10x50 PLEX w/KAHLES lens covers, accessories and original box. $525 shipped OBO With the Helia KX line, Kahles defines the standard in modern riflescope construction in the one-inch class. Excellent image qualities and low light capabilities in perfect harmony, with precise...
  3. CBH Australia

    Blaser vs Rigby

    So it’s a weekend and I want to invoke some comments. The Blaser nuts are all over those things and the Rigby are offering some nice CRF rifles assembled by them. What are you preferences and what other big end rifles should I have named? I can afford either but I’d like to try a Blaser or a...
  4. Philip Glass

    New Reflex Sight

    New reflex sight from Swaro/Kahles. I just took a look at one possibly for my .470 at the Wild Sheep Convention. Very well made. What do the double rifle experts think of this and other reflex sights? Philip...