hunting duiker

  1. Blue Duiker

    Blue Duiker

    Cameroon rain forest.
  2. Bay Duiker

    Bay Duiker

    Camerron rain forest. The tracking team was second to none and this guy called it right in.
  3. Red Flanked Duiker

    Red Flanked Duiker


    Donation Safaris Club International Bongo

    Lefol Safaris invites one hunter and one non-hunter to the Central African Republic for a 17-day, 1x1 guided safari. Pick your game from outfitter's list and pay the trophy fee for best available Central African Bongo, Giant Forest Hog and five Duikers. Method of take is hunter's choice...

    Hunting The Weyns's Duiker In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Hello everyone, The Weyns's or Weyns Duiker is medium size duiker present in Central and East Africa both males and females have horns but the male has a much bigger one. They are one of the most difficult duikers to get these days. We hunt them by calling and sometimes we get lucky to stoke one.