1. Animal Artistry

    Why You Should Not Be Friends With Your Taxidermist

    A professional relationship and a friendship are two separate matters, and when you cross that line, both are jeopardized. I hear constantly from people who are extremely disappointed in their taxidermist, but then they say, “But he’s a friend, and he’s a good guy.” What Does This Mean? It...

    Plains Game Buddy Hunting Package 4 Hunters

    Are you and your buddies looking to book a plains game hunt? Look no further! This plains Game Package at Monterra Safaris is for you and your friends Plains Game Buddy Package (4 Hunters, 12 Animals) $18 000 5 Hunting Days (7 Days Total: 1 Arrival, 5 Hunting, 1 Departure) 4 x Impala 4 x...
  3. Royal27

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tootabi Valley Safaris, LBG Safaris & Hunting With Friends

    So I wasn't going to Africa this year. It just wasn't going to happen. I had been fortunate enough to go twice in two seasons and it was time for a break and let the pocketbook recover. But then I made a mistake.... I kept hanging around here. Oops.... I enjoy telling the backstory of a hunt...