buffalo special

  1. Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Buffalo Hunting The Right Way With Bayly Sippel Safaris

    Greeting AH community! Once you've hunted a buffalo you'll realize why its such an addictive hunt! If you could bottle the feeling of your first buffalo and sell it you'd most definitely be a wealthy man! They are truly a noble adversary and its for this reason we choose to conduct our hunts...
  2. JKO Hunting Safaris

    Cape Buffalo Hunting with JKO Hunting Safaris

    A short video clip of a recent buffalo hunt with JKO Hunting Safaris in our 50 000 acre plus hunting area in South Africa.... I will upload more hunting clips throughout the season... All my best, Jacques
  3. JKO Hunting Safaris

    Black Mane Lion / Lioness Hunting Safaris South Africa 2019

    Good day fellow hunters, We have a couple of very big black mane lion available for the 2019 hunting season at prices never seen before for males like this. Age on these males are between 7 and 10 years old. These lion CANNOT be exported to the following countries: 1. United States, 2...
  4. JKO Hunting Safaris

    Buffalo & Sable Combo Hunt Special 8 Days Limpopo 2019 US$14,500

    Good day fellow hunters, We are happy and excited to be able to offer AH hunters a killer deal on buffalo and sable for the 2019 season in our beautiful Limpopo concession, due to the area not being hunted extensively for the last year or 2 the numbers on buffalo and sable in the area...