1. CBH Australia

    Camels, Australia, Camel meat??

    Another thread digressed onto Camels from big bore cartridges. So we all like guns. Anyone want to talk about hunting camels. Culling them for property owners. Taking Camel for meat? I’m hoping to get one or some , in a strange twist of fate I know someone wanting to butcher one. I’m going to...
  2. Bullthrower338

    AUSTRALIA: Australia Buffalo Hunt With Australian Outback Buffalo Safaris

    I met Aaron Corbett at DSC Convention a couple of years ago and became quite interested in making a trip to OZ to shoot a buffalo and see the NT. We spoke at the show several times and I left without booking a hunt because I had a trip to the Limpopo booked for August already. Aaron called me...
  3. V

    Where Can I Get The Best Tactical Packs For Hunting in Australia?

    Hello Everyone, My name is John Foster from Australia can anyone please tell from where can i get the best quality tactical packs for hunting in Australia. Thanks John
  4. V

    Lion Taxidermy Head Mount

    As you are aware, personally owned African lion hunting trophies may not be imported into Australia unless the specimen was from an animal that was deceased prior to 1977. Does anyone have a trophy...
  5. Pig Hunting in Australia

    Pig Hunting in Australia

  6. Australian wild boar

    Australian wild boar

  7. Northern Territory Boar - Australia

    Northern Territory Boar - Australia

  8. Northern Territory Australia - Scrub Bull

    Northern Territory Australia - Scrub Bull

  9. Boar hunting in Australia

    Boar hunting in Australia