1. B

    Planning Austrian Chamois Hunt

    My dad and I are looking at doing a chamois hunt this next summer and we were wondering if you guys have any experience hunting there or recommendations for guides, locations, etc. This is our first overseas hunt and so we want to make sure we are doing it right! We have reached out to...
  2. K

    CZ550 American Magnum bolt knob Q's

    Thought I would use the vast experience base to help me make a decision. I just purchased an older CZ550 American Safari Magnum 458 Lott. The rifle is great and ready for some work to make is mine BUT I hate the bolt knob and bent position. My bolt action experience is with comfortable large...
  3. Z

    Hunting wild pig in San Diego county

    Okay so I've been told that there is good pig hunting between Escondido and Ramona past the Safari park in the canyon near Cleveland National Forrest (any further information on this would be welcome) But my question is this. What information can anyone give me about hunting wild pig (avg...