1. markferrigno

    For Sale Tikka M77K Combo 7x65Rx12/70 $900 OBO

    Tikka M77K Combo with ejectors for sale. 7x65R x 12/70 topped with a Kahles Helia S 6x42 QR scope, German #4 reticle. Rifle is in excellent shape, normal handling marks but no big scrapes, gouges and no cracks. No rust, excellent bores. I zeroed the rifle barrel with S&B ammo and it shoots very...
  2. markferrigno

    Heym 33 Drilling 7x65R 16/70 With .22 Hornet Insert For Sale

    Heym Model 33 Drilling for sale. 7x65R 16/70 with .22 Hornet insert. Drilling has a 1.5-6x42 Zeiss Diavari on a swing mount. I bought this rifle from the sales manager at the Heym factory (he is the Nephew of the last living Heym founder's Grandsons). The Drilling was completely gone over at the...
  3. markferrigno

    Heym 26B Luxus Double Rifle 7x65R For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling my Heym Luxus 26B. It is chambered in 7x65R and regulated with Geco ammo (which I have plenty of and will also offer for sale) Shoots great with S&B as well (POI is off by less than 1/2") . It is the Luxus model with upgraded wood and engraving on the receiver (Wild Boar...