I found this site whilst tracking down some of Don Heath's writing. I am (for boring reasons) more of a shooter than a hunter but I do take the occasional walk with a rifle and have learnt what my strengths and weaknesses are when shooting it.

I started shooting in 1984 (SLR L1A1) with the govt paying for the ammo then joined a smallbore club where a WWII Bren gunner, who started the club, began my real marksmanship training. I was a TF Royal New Zealand Engineer for 12 years, joined a couple of other shooting clubs and stayed with one, where I ended up running that club's rifle range complex, annual prize shoot, etc. for just over 14 years.

I joined the NZ Mountain Safety Council and was a Firearm Safety instructor for just over 16 years, stepping down to Advisor level in early 2012.

I have seen and done a few silly things with firearms over the years, investigated a few apparently nonsensical stories about firearms and hopefully learnt something over 30 years of playing with bangsticks.
Wellington, New Zealand
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New Zealand
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I found this site whilst tracking down some of Don Heath's writing. I am (for boring reasons) more o
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New Zealand
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Brno ZG47 in .30-06; Brno Model 4 (barrel shortened by a philistine); Brno Volkspolizei M98K
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  1. Rifle
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Kahles, Leupold, Weaver, Schmidt und Bender
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Svord Peasant knife, Silva Sighting Compass graduated in mils and with adjustable declination, water bottle, brimmed hat with drawstring, Silky folding saw.
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Military and technological history, cycling, photography, arboriculture, Douglas Score Measurer.


A good shot at close range beats a 'hit' at a longer range.