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    Sako Kodiak 375?

    It's the rifle in my avatar. Love it, used it on red, fallow and sambar deer, and pigs. In SA used it on warthog, Impala, oryx, baboon and zebra. It's been a fantastic rifle and I plan on using it for many more hunts. Very accurate, comfortable to shoot and tough in bad conditions.
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    New Custom 458wm Ammunition Pouch

    Well worth it mate. Hes not the cheapest, but he makes the best stuff from the products I have seen and handled. I also have a basic 375h&h pouch, 2 belts and three knife sheaths, my missus has two ammo pouches and a belt. Several other family and friends also use his gear, so I can certainly...
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    New Custom 458wm Ammunition Pouch

    Hopefully on some pigs this weekend, but new property, so will have to wait and see.
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    New Custom 458wm Ammunition Pouch

    Picked up my custom leather 458wm pouch tonight. Very happy with it, exactly what I wanted. Holds 6 in the pouch and 2 for quick access. Quality is top notch like all Joshes gear. Check out his sight at
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    Just in! Ruger Magnum .416 Rigby.

    Congrats mate, thats a very nice rifle, and a great cartridge. I too have a new to me Ruger m77. The rifle was a wedding present from my wife! Its a 1989 model, as far as I can tell, had never been fired. Mine is a 458 WM, loving it and to be honest, the recoil is not bad at all.
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    My Three Hour Visit to John Rigby

    Thanks for posting. Sounds like three hours very well spent.
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    Kudu, Zebra, Oryx - 375 H&H

    Your swift A frames will be excellent. 375 is a great cal, good for everything. I use woodleigh 270gr ppsn. Pigs, fallow,red and sambar deer, and warthog, Impala, oryx and zebra have all fallen to it.
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    Best .300 win mag rifle?

    Love the sakos, the A7 would be a good choice. Have a 85 in 308 and 375, an A7 Roughtech in 7mm rem mag and just got a T3x superlight in 300wm. Shot the 300 for the first time yesterday, 23 rounds to run in off the bench. Recoil was fine, I felt it, but cmpletely manageable. I'm very happy with...
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    My Knife For Africa (I didn't make it like the heroes on AH usually do)

    I carried a leatherman and a solid 5" blade bark river knife the whole time I was in SA. I used both enough to warrant their carry, and regardless of use, felt better for having them. I always have this combination when out hunting or in the bush.
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    Sako 85 jeffery

    Love my kodiak in 375, recoil is no issue, however, the recoil pad could be softer!! The scope is turned to the side to give more clearance, but never had an issue with cases ejecting. Took the above boar the other day with a 270gr woodleigh at 37m, didn't take a step.
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    The Lion Knife

    Thanks for posting. Amazing story, extremely tough buggers, chewed up by a lion and with no water, would be a bad way to be in. Very nice knife as well. A good knife on my belt, is something I am never without, when out in the bush.
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    30-06...Which Rifle?

    If you want a 375 as well, why not do it all with the 375. Get a nice rifle in that cal and practice with it.
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    30-06 - "Life Beyond It" Article

    Interesting article, can't say I entirely agree with it, but I like where he goes. 9.3X62 and 375H&H are two great cartridges, lots of fun and work well.
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    Buffalo Cow Pictures

    Still a fair way off before I can afford a second trip, il keep it in mind. Cheers.
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    Buffalo Cow Pictures

    Definately keen to hunt a cow buff.