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    Very Early Elephant Hunt On Offer Between 15 February & 12 March 2019 Zimbabwe

    A year too early for me. I have a crate full of trophies just leaving durban to pay for.
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    Cape Buffalo Hunt

    great video
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    Free 2x1 Hunt for Two Hunters from Liam Urry Safaris for 2017/18

    These were my uncle "joe"'s binoculars. He was born Ivan R Graham but everyone called him "joe". He passed away in 2003 at the age of 93 and my dad came into possesion of his binos. He was a farmer, historian, politician, philanthropist and a truly fantastic story teller. He taught me how to...
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    375 Ruger 250grain GMX

    Swift is loading ammo now.
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    375 Ruger 250grain GMX

    Swift a frame 250 gr 375 ruger. From duiker to cape buff. This ones from a blue wildebeest.
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    375 Ruger 250grain GMX

    375 ruger 250 gr gmx 30 yards 2650 fps
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    375 Ruger 250grain GMX

    I had one grenade inside a black bear last spring. Quartering down shot in the boiler room, didnt hit any bone but ribs. Left a football sized exit hole and we found peices of the bullet in the hind quarter.
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    Right scope for Ruger no.1

    Bushnell elite 6500 1.25-8x32. I have had one on three different no1's. Five inches of eye relief, 30mm tube and great feild of view. Unfortunately bushnell stopped production of them but they can be found on the used market.