When Claude Verney-Carron founded his gun making business in Saint-Etienne in 1820, he already had almost two centuries of family skill, know-how, ingenuity, and love of fine craftsmanship upon which to rely. And when this same artisan gunsmith chose as his wife the daughter of a gunmaker, it represented more than just a marriage: it represented the alliance of the skills and talents of both families, the legitimate transmission of the secrets of two dynasties of master craftsmen.

This union meant the "in-house" safeguarding of a unique technological and human heritage that has subsequently enabled Verney-Carron to write some of the most memorable pages of French gun making history.

In 2004, Verney-Carron, while continuing to remain open to the now crucially important new technologies, decided to purchase the traditional artisan gun making company Demas, and thus "L'Atelier Verney-Carron" was born: an artisanal gun making workshop specialising in the manufacture of prestigious hunting weapons that are even harder to equal - in essence the very summit of the gun making tradition.

This alliance of vital creative forces, of the skills and know-how of the two companies, and the resulting pooling of knowledge and talent, has led to the creation of a range of prestigious high-performance products: masterpieces that harmoniously blend skill, artisanal craftsmanship and the very latest technology.

L'Atelier Verney-Carron produces a range of luxurious, top-quality hunting weapons that combine superb lines with an utterly impeccable finish.

These personalised weapons, each and every one of which receives the individual attentions of our Master Gunsmiths, are tested in our workshops and must meet the most draconian standards in terms of safety and reliability.

Each unique creation is crafted from the very best materials, including the rarest and most highly sought after walnut stock blanks… Each personalised weapon bears the sign and signature of the engraver, true art work produced with chisel on fine forged steel receivers.

Our system of individual custom manufacture today produces the very best hunting weapons imaginable… genuine top-of-the-range creations of irreproachable quality.

Anyone who chooses a weapon from our workshops is sure to possess a unique shotgun or rifle, a jewel of the gun makers' art… The exceptional marriage of quality and taste…
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VERNEY-CARRON COLLECTION - Bespoke, Handmade Guns - Founded in Saint-Etienne France in 1820
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