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    Blaser R8 in .500 Jeffery?

    Yup it can happen when trigger pulled before rifle fully closed and locked on a 93 R8 won’t fire till fully locked I have both and dry firing experiments turned this difference up. Not a big deal to me as I don’t work action with finger on or in trigger guard period
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    Advice needed: what R8 caliber for hippo

    Of sticks should be off sticks standing
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    Advice needed: what R8 caliber for hippo

    Have her shoot off of sticks not bench and she should be fine with either 9.3 or 375 start with 9.3 move to a properly weighed 375 of sticks and use a past recoil shield to start
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    Advice needed: what R8 caliber for hippo

    Ps also have 375 H&H, 30-06 barrels for it. A R8 Safari in 458 Lott 300Win combo R8. Plus a really light 300WSM & 375 H&H R93 combo
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    Advice needed: what R8 caliber for hippo

    9.3x62 not quite as much recoil and mine will shoot sub Mia at 200 yds with Norma factory ammo and hand loads. For brain shots a confidant shooter not worried about recoil is the ticket.
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    Barnes .404 Jeffrey 400 Grain Tsx Velocity

    My load 2340fps with 81.5 viht 550 fed 215 primer Barnes 400tsx Sight in at 100 7.5” low at 200yds Perfect expansion at 200 cape eland both shoulders recovered under hide off side Cape buffalo at 30 broadside both lungs not recovered second running shot neck/spine where it dips into chest at...
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    Next Safari Rifle

    Sako 85 in 500 Jeffery good sights I lengthened stock with thicker pad and added mercury tube to balance now comes up with natural point of aim with sights
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    on a lighter note...

    Never to old to play music or too enjoy music Makes everyone happy
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    RB Rodda 4-bore in Africa

    Outstanding trophies it is great to see a 4 bore in action there awesome
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    on a lighter note...

    So very true it is not kind or Benevolent
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    on a lighter note...

    And rear option as well for tsilgaters
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    NAMIBIA: Off To Namibia

    Have a great hunt eagerly awaiting your report My trip is for May 2022
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    The 470 has landed!

    I would say exceptionally well regulated I know mine can do basically a one hole at 55 yds with hand loads
  14. ve7poi Hunting Knives

    I like your design of both knife and sheath
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    Winchester Model 70 & Jack O'Conner

    I’m taking the 270 to Namibia in 2022 it was built in 1947 And I’ll be 70 will be a great trip my 7th Safari to Africa