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    Namibia Plains Game Hunt Package Deal 2021

    If this doesn’t work for you contact him for what you want and length of hunt. I’ve booked May 2020 for twenty day hunt
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    Frankenstein sight experiment success

    Very nice shooting Don’t you love it when a plan comes together like that
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    Show us your Blaser

    Just picked up another pelican 1700 to do just that nice arrangement of rifles did you cut it out yourself or have it done.
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    Found a Merkel 500! Any advice appreciated!!!!

    Have a 140ae in 470 NE shoots very well that’s it in my avatar
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    Hello from South Africa - new hunter

    Welcome to the forum look forward to your hunts being posted
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    Sierra Game King bullets

    I used 225spitzer boat tail in 350 Rem mag awesome results on black bear and Mule deer + whitetail no tracking
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    What Calibre to Bring on a One-Gun Safari?

    I agree 375 H&H if using Blaser R8 404 Jeffery if using Winchester 70 crf Both are outstanding
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    Best two or three barrel takedown for Africa hunting

    I now use either 9.3x62 + 308 win or 30-06 + 375 combo for travel depending on what’s on the menu + 470NE double or 475 Turnbull no 1
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    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    Just got this notice sad day The leader in defending the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI Statement on 2021 Convention After much contemplation and exhaustive effort, Safari Club International (SCI) has made the difficult decision to cancel its 2021 Hunters’...
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    Bushpig Hunt With Limpopo Big Game Safaris In Soutpansberg Mountains Of South Africa

    Very true much more selective And my body has way to many years for foot race with one these days
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    Bushpig Hunt With Limpopo Big Game Safaris In Soutpansberg Mountains Of South Africa

    I like how you can add on to another hunt, a great deal I’ve been on one where dogs were used and you had better be in super shape for that one lol.
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    NAMIBIA: Omujeve Hunting Safaris - Caprivi Strip

    Congratulations and thank you for the great report and pictures. Loved reading it
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    Boys new gun

    The smile says it all Good shooting young man
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    For Sale Sako Brown Bear 416 Rigby With Extras

    Only have one that is a true keeper as it has my initials as part of the serial number rest are fair game lol