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    Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you!

    Happy Thanksgiving, guys. My daughter and granddaughter got here this morning and we’re trying to get everything ready for tomorrow.
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    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    When I talked to Kameron at DSC, she advised that capacity (at the moment) was limited to 60%. That could cause lines to get in to not exceed maximum occupancy. She suggested buying tickets ahead of time and have them mailed to you. You can skip the line to purchase tickets and only worry...
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    ZIMBABWE: Elephant Hunt In Zimbabwe With Martin Peters Safaris

    Great report. Thank you for sharing. That's unfortunate about the price change with the buffalo. Hopefully, transiting back thru Addis went smoothly.
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    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    I have a feeling that if we hadn't had to leave early, I would have chased Waterbuck. The price for next year is pretty awesome. I hope some people jump on this.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Another Nice Hunt With LJ Safaris

    That was a great pig. Congratulations on making it to retirement. I have a Countdown Star for mine which is six years, one month and twenty-six days away. Thank you for sharing your hunt with us.
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    Dallas Safari Club convention - Is it worth the trip?

    And I skipped the original question. Yes, I think DSC is worth attending. I don't know what it will be like this year concerning exhibitors. I suspect it will be smaller. regardless, it will great to see many of you and have some good BBQ.
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    Dallas Safari Club convention - Is it worth the trip?

    I talked to Kameron at DSC last week. Tickets should be on sale around 11/16. Capacity is being restricted (at the time of conversation) to 60%. I’m going and hoping for the best. @norfolk shooter will not make it this year. Unless I’ve missed something, the AH dinner has been cancelled. Are we...
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    Spike T

  9. My skins and skulls

    My skins and skulls

  10. Group Photo

    Group Photo

    Boston, Kelvin, Kalenga, Dorothy, Billy, Me, Trump the Wonder Dog, Benson, Mary, Mike and Sid.
  11. Fishing in Zambia

    Fishing in Zambia

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    Zambia Hunt

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    Python Zambia

  15. Python Zambia

    Python Zambia