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    It’s not much; but, it’s mine... Heym 89B 450/400 arrived today

    Great looking rifle with some nice upgrades.
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    "I Want A Heym"

    I find my Chapuis to feel quite good and weighted properly between the hands. Very similar feel to my Heym there is a beefier feel with the palm swell and beaver tail forearm being slightly larger that the Heym. Both very well built guns I have handled a few 89b and they do feel slightly more...
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    "I Want A Heym"

    My currant two doubles are a Heym 88B in 500 nitro and a Chapuis in 470 nitro. I’m hoping to add a new 89B in 450/400 soon. Debating on if I go with the lighter frame and scope it with a low power optic or go with the normal size frame and run another RMR on it like my 500 has. The Chapuis is a...
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    Hunting Trophy Export From Namibia

    My two cents for what it is worth. Namibia has very few shipping agents. So your kinda stuck with what they do have. That said I have used yellow shark twice. Once before COVID shutdown with an elephant and everything was good. The second was during all of this shutdown I had a leopard and paid...
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    Cancellation Hunt South Africa August 2021

    What a great deal. Maybe I will see whoever buys this on the plane as I will be with Marius about the same time.
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    Leopard Mount

    Nice looking cat. I take it Phil S is short for Phil Soucy. The cat man taxidermist. Nice to see you on here
  7. Fishing South Africa

    Fishing South Africa

    Marius on his day off that has to be a once in a lifetime pic.
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    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    Marius on his day off that has to be a once in a lifetime pic.
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    Cull Hunt South Africa 2021/2022

    So great offers there Bossie. Will these culls be all females or will there be some males with broken horns or bad genetics as well? Also is the hunter able to keep skins or skulls?
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    DSC and SCI Shows 2021 - What are your feelings in the current environment?

    I think it is still to early to tell. With elections coming in November I think the turmoil will get worse before it get better even if this COVID thing starts to go away I think the politicians will try to keep thinks stirred up and keep people in fear as long as they can to get there way. Then...
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    SAA Route Cancellations

    Found this info from a quick google search. May put a damper on some guys hunts. South African Airways will stop eight international routes from Johannesburg, as the airline undergoes a business restructuring aimed at easing its financial woes. From February 29, it will no longer serve...
  12. Hunt Giraffe in Namibia

    Hunt Giraffe in Namibia

  13. Namibia Hunting Giraffe

    Namibia Hunting Giraffe

  14. Giraffe Hunt Namibia

    Giraffe Hunt Namibia

  15. Hunting Gemsbok in Namibia

    Hunting Gemsbok in Namibia