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    Invest in Botswana

    I'll chip in 50 million dollars (I was invited to Obama's printing presses).
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    .45-70 for Elephant

    I'd forgotten about this thread altogether. How in the world did anyone even find this thread? My opinion hasn't changed in the year and a half since I wrote this. Just because there is better bullets now doesn't mean that you can ethically hunt a Elephant with the 'ol .45-70. I just got in an...
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    Bighorn Sheep

    Sounds like 3 very good choices. The 6.5-06 and .270 WSM are VERY good choices and the .300 WSM is hardly a step behind with 150 TTSX's.
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    Bighorn Sheep

    Awesome and congrats! What cartridge will you be using on this hunt?
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    NO, Doe are SMALLER than Buck! A doe is, in my area, at least 50 lb's (often 75 lb's) lighter than a buck. Bucks have more fat, thicker muscles, and MUCH, MUCH thicker neck fat. Doe aren't as hard too kill, thereby making it more ethical to hunt them with smaller calibers. Don't be mistaken, my...
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    Hunting Officially Banned in Botswana from 2013

    This is very sad. Unfortunately, in America we are under the onslaught of the anti's as well, and so far we've been winning but for how long? With the way people my age think I'm scared, to put it frankly...
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    I agree. I am a former .270 hater converted to a .270 lover. I got fed too many stories by family members and internet people that it wasn't even a good deer cartridge. My dad convinced me that it probably was perfect for me considering my age, and I haven't looked back since. Now, back to the...
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    That will change in a few years. I've talked to people who work in places like Ruger and Marlin, and they say the .270 Winchester is outselling EVERYTHING over .224 caliber! Step aside .30 cal, here comes the .270 Winnie.
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    Most people would be far better off with a .223 on Deer than there macho .300's. The shooting world is changing, bullets are changing, everything is changing... The problem is some people aren't changing with it...
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    Rifle for 14 year old

    My +1 reccomendation would be .270 or 7-08, but .308 is #2 on my list. I'm 14 and almost 15 and I use a Ruger M77 MKII in .270 Winchester, it fits me absolutely perfect and because of that I'm effective with it off hand. As of even 2 years ago (even a little sooner), I told my dad that Ruger...
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    Broken Scope or Dirty Barrel

    If it isn't because something is losse,then it probably has a rough spot in the barrel. I've heard of some guns that have a rough spot right from the factory, and it will shave off copper from every round. This will cause accuracy to go too pot after about 20 shots.
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    The Donald Trump's Boys under fire from PETA

    Aww heck, I'll vote the whole Trump family into office!
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    The only reason it doesn't have a place in my battery is that I have no use for it. In my area you would be hard pressed to find anywhere to hunt small game with a .223, as there are way too many houses. It didn't used to be that way, but I wasn't alive to see those days. I'm switching over to...
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    I have no beef with people hunting deer with .22 cf's, as long as they use the right bullet. I personally wouldn't, but too each their own.
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    Deer Hunting with .223??

    Same goes for Pennsylvania. You can hunt deer with a .17 Rem if you want too, just no rimfires.