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    Hello from alberta

    Welcome from Texas, the Alberta of USA :)
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    How they like to hunt

    I may be an outlier in each of these preferences, but I do have a certain way of doing things that works for me. And, you asked. 1. I really prefer hunting alone, or 1:1 with a guide. I’m not in it for the camaraderie. 2. I hunt some from a blind and over bait, but much prefer still hunting...
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    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    I decided to try my hand at refinishing old rifle stocks. Started with an ugly birch stock on my commercial-grade M1 carbine, and then did an old walnut Fajen stock on my sporter Springfield. By the time I got to the 120-year-old stock on my Spanish Mauser, I was getting pretty comfortable with...
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    Military Surplus Rifles for Hunting

    I hunt almost exclusively with sporterized old milsurp rifles: Spanish Mauser 93 in the original 7x57 Steyr-Mannlicher M95/30 in 8x56R (when I can find cartridges since I don’t reload) Universal M1 Carbine Springfield 1903 in a beautiful old Fajen stock — this is my main deer and bear rifle...
  5. Shadow Box Cartridges Display

    Shadow Box Cartridges Display

    I engrave the case with the date of the hunt and animal hunted.
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    Can you bring back used ammunition brass from RSA for memorabilia purposes? If so, how?

    Very cool shadow box Cody. I do something similar — I engrave the case with the date of the hunt and animal hunted.
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    Barrel-mounted swivel stud

    Thanks for everyone’s replies. If it helps, the rifle in question is my old (I need to start saying “vintage”) Steyr Mannlicher in 8x56mm. It weighs less than 7 lbs and is a little more than a meter in length. Being short and relatively light, the rifle’s recoil with the 208 grain ammo is...
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    Barrel-mounted swivel stud

    I’m thinking about redoing an old rifle — new or refurbished stock, reblueing the metal, etc. While I’m in there messing around I’d also like to add a barrel-mounted swivel. Is it possible to do so without removing the front sight? I’ve only seen Talley studs that are on a ring that has to be...
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    DIY Hand Rubbed Oil on factory CZ stock

    Rob404, that looks great. I’m In the midst of a similar project now with my old Springfield rifle in a Vintage Fajen stock. I put my fourth coat of Tru-Oil on it this morning. I put walnut stain on before the first coat of finish, so it’s turning out a little dark.
  10. Axis Deer Hunt

    Axis Deer Hunt

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    What Watch do you wear when you hunt?

    I’m a watch guy too, and like my vintage rifles, I lean toward vintage watches — a Rolex Datejust 1601 and a Mido Oceanstar, both of which are older than I am. For most hunting excursions, I wear a plastic Timex Expedition digital. It’s less sparkly or noisy than my metal watches, and it has...
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    Zoom Safari... it's about to happen!

    I’d like to attend. Sending a PM.
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    Camo patterns (pics please)

    Hog Hunt by Trail Rated posted Jul 18, 2018 at 3:12 AM Not precisely what you asked for, but: British desert camo trousers, plain T-shirt, U.S. woodlands camo cap. Hog hunting in the Texas Hill Country.
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    Sighting in your rifles for hunting

    I was “today years old,” as the kids say, when I learned about sighting for max point blank range. I’m glad I clicked on this thread. Thanks to everyone who posted answers.
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    Shape Up Before You Ship Out!

    Hi WebleyGreene. Keep at it! I started from scratch three years ago getting ready for a black bear hunt in the mountains. I could do 5 real pushups when I started, but I kept going and kept increasing, and today I still do 100+ push-ups every morning. I walk 5 miles once or twice a week. Only...