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    My Covid vaccination experience

    Next week?!! You must provide us with details and a few photos! Who are you hunting with? What flight? Good luck on your hunt!
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    Scopes most used power range / objective

    2.5-15 or a 3-18. Typically set around 5 or lower in the mountains. In the woods, lowest setting always. The high magnification variability is best for checking something out a long ways away, or for spotting bullet holes on paper at the range. Shooting a rifle at 18 power is a guarantee to not...
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    Definition of a rifle

    Beautifully written and so true! A rifle is carried and held and looked at much more than used, so there should be some enjoyment in the admiration of it.
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    What are you watching?

    the Netflix series Ted Lasso was light hearted and funny, definitely worth the time to watch. I’m watching Schitt’s creek now. It gets better as the series goes on.
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    Disappointing Day at Range

    Bummer! Thankfully you have a backup. This does seem like an excuse to book another hunt.
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    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    Yes Bluetooth now. The swaro El range can program 3 different calibers. When I elk hunt we frequently have a dawn or dusk shot and have to move quickly. Elk walk fast, so when I see them, I end up running to try and get less than a 400 yard shot before they disappear into the timber. Taking the...
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    Do you wear your expensive watch to South Africa?

    A Richard Mille is quite a watch! Cool May be an understatement.
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    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    Tonight I spent all of 30 minutes setting up the app for the El range TA binoculars. I installed my favorite rounds from .300 win mag, 7 Rem mag and .270 win. The phone app is actually pretty simple. The Bluetooth connection was fast. The readings now give me the choice of how I want the...
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    My Favorite Gear From 4 Safaris

    @Philip Glass so this thread is 4 years old. Do you have some updates for us?
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    Courteney boots fit in width

    +5 on working with Jim. I bought two pairs from him and they were great to deal with. It was really helpful to try on more than one pair. And you may need to sneak in a knife to that order!
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    New world record archery elk!

    An uplifting article. That guy sounds like a real hunter. As humble as he is, one can only imagine the other’s he has taken.
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    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    Btw: I think @jdemocko has a new pair of Leica rangefinding binos he is selling. Someone should buy them and come to Minnesota for a gear test! (Don’t worry, snow is possible on Tuesday)
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    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    The swaro gives a range reading with one touch and it takes less than a second. My vortex fury take two taps, one to turn it on, the second push to range. I really like the one touch option. I’ve been working a ton lately because there is not much else to do, hence the new binoculars. Now I...
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    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    From everything I have read, I suspect the performance would be the same between Leica and Swaro. I hadn’t taken the time to do a test like this in the past. It was a worthwhile experiment to really get to see the difference. The tree bark I was looking at had light colored streaks in it. When...
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    Tech and hunting gear

    The fungible items like boots and clothing just get replaced when they wear out. Really quality gear lasts much longer and is usually worth the money. It is easy to keep upgrading as one figures out what gear is better made. Patagonia clothing is a good example of something that is more tech...