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    Why is it called a 404 Jeffery?

    Thanks for the correction! Lovely that you have a Jeffrey of that vintage.
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    Why is it called a 404 Jeffery?

    I could be wrong, but I believe that the .404 first went on sale in 1909 having been in the design stage since around 1905. The .450 calibre cartridges were banned in the British Empire in 1907. It may have been not just ballistics which influenced bullet size. Jeffrey was prohibited from...
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    Why is it called a 404 Jeffery?

    British measurements are nominal only. The .303 is arrived at by measuring the lands not the grooves (which are .311) but this is not a rule. The cartridge designation is just what you happened to fancy calling it on the patent. For example, .275 is 6.9mm, but .275 Rigby is 7mm, the .275 just...
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    Harry Selby's sidearm of choice

    Deer are often poached using a moderated .22LR and .22LR subsonics. I use the CCI segmenting subs on small game and foxes, you just hear the hammer spring and a load 'thwunk.' I am sure by their performance on fox that they would work on a muntjac or chinese water deer. The new 42gr...
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    A mixed size, bird/buck/slug load is sometimes called a 'bush load'. The idea is that if fighting humans in the bush, something out of that lot will get through and at least wound/make them make a noise ands give themselves away. Fearsome stuff indeed, and very easy to imagine being used for...
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    .318 Westley Richards

    Excellent read. I hope the revival of this classic calibre continues. On the subject of corrosive primers, the need to use hot water is the downfall of many a gun in modern hands. We get so used to trying to keep everything dry that not enough water is used when cleaning. A good slosh out...
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    WD-40 on Ruger

    WD40 is 51% thinners. It is great for cleaning and water dispersal but definitely not a lubricant. It disolves/washes out oils, it also rots rubber, including scope turret seals. I always relube a gun washed and dryed with WD40 if nothing better is available. A Teflon based water dispersant...
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    Knives... do you carry one?

    Are you above eight years old? If the answer is yes but you do not have at least a pocket knife then you are basically undressed. If I did not leave the house with a knife and a ball of twine in my pockets my Grandmother would clip my ear for me!
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    Rifle likes a dirty barrel?

    Some very good advice here. One of my CZs needs 3 shots to group well, another shoots well clean or dirty. The 303 prefers a warm barrel, but is not fussed either way for hunting accuracy. The Tikka needs 6 shots from a good scrub; BUT what is clean? I put a dry patch through after shooting...
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    Mossberg Maverick 12G Pump Action, Thoughts?

    I shoot a 500 several times a week. Very good solid gun. Lighter and faster handling than an 870. Not sure of the quality of the Maverick long term, but I would be happy to shoot one.
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    SHOTGUN: o/u or pump?

    Any shotgun that does not fit will be useless, so buy one that fits! I use a pump 90% of the time. The mossy 500 and remmy 870 are the most versatile guns on earth. If I was hunting something with teeth, I would consider a twin trigger side by side. It is essentially two ultra reliable single...
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    Vectan Powder

    I bought some surplus S4N a while back. I could only find data on Continental websights. Rene Malfatti published the ultimate Nobel Sport reloading manual. Might be worth looking for.
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    Vectan Powder

    Vectan has been around for years. It is produced by Nobel France. It is veRy versatile. Clay and game are a good UK source as they do the shows. Lovex is the Czech power used by many of the European manufacturers. There is a Lovex that does 300 calibre and 12g shotgun in 32g! All that most...
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    Free Hunt for One Hunter & One Observer from Lianga Safaris for 2016

    I only eat what I shoot. I call it the air and dirt diet!
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    Bow hunting large animals - is it ethical?

    I have never hunted with a bow. I have only ever played with a 19 ft-lb recurve as a boy. I could not bow hunt. The 'would I' question never even arises. With a rifle, in the real world, on my own, 150 yards is my limit on living things. As a committed wing shooter and smallbore shooter for...