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    Anybody with bad knees?

    Fun sifting through all these threads. I am an orthopedic surgeon with a bad right knee. I can still walk flat five miles plus, but not good on the descent. Sheep hunting is now in my past (have my grand slam, two with a bow), but still have a passion for the elephant, and would love to hunt...
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    Lion Hunt Northern Namibia Exportable

    Thanks for all your support. I hope to do my part for conservation, but also, more than a bit excited about the upcoming experience. I would like to thank Ian for this great opportunity, his good communication, and organization, and also Jerome for the opportunities as well as information...
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    Lion Hunt Northern Namibia Exportable

    Hi Enysse. I am the above hunter and will be more than happy to share the trip with the Africa Hunting frequent fliers. I am more than excited about this upcoming trip. Geared up, loaded up, and ready to go Leave JFK on Nov 7th. . Adventure at its finest. Will keep you posted. Tom Greene
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    .404 JEFFERY - A PH's point of view

    Have a Dakota African 404 Jeff. Hand load with Woodleigh 400 grain softs and solids with same point of impact. 81 grains of reloader 17 ( 2156 fps, SD 6). This rifle, and load, to me, speak of Africa. I am soon to leave for a problem control Lion hunt in Namibia, just out of Estoshia...
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    Your favored airline case?

    Pelican, nearly indestructible. Travel with custom rifles, and so far ( knock on wood) no issues.
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    Shooting Sticks...

    Have used Long Grass sticks and will always have a set. For my 470 Nitro express, and my Dakota African 404 Jeff added the big bore leather pad that slips over the top of the sticks and makes shooting more manageable, and protects the pricier rifle stocks. These can be had from African...
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    Courteney Selous Boots - Sizes Generous?

    Concur with above. I wear size 13 US sizing, and the 12 UK fits fine. 11.5 was too small. Sent them back and no hassle with African Sporting Creations ( pleasure to deal with). Tom Greene
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    "Hunting The African Lion" By Jim Rikhoff A Rare Trophy Room Book

    Thanks for the opportunity Drew. Tom Greene
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    "Hunting The African Lion" By Jim Rikhoff A Rare Trophy Room Book

    Considering the purchase of the offered Title. . Still available? Thanks, T Greene
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Karoo Wild Or KMG Safaris?

    Hunted with KMG 2013. Marius was more than willing to and went the extra mile to set up and then effect a trip for several difficult to find and hunt species to include Bontebok, Cape Grysbuck, Blue duiker, Vaal Rheebuck and able to secure a most difficult to find Oribi permit. Trip was...
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    7mm mag bullets breaking up

    Reload for the trifecta of non magnum 7 mm rounds, 280 Ackley Improved (Jarrett Rifle), 280 Remington (Winchester Featherweight Supergrade Model 70) , and a recently acquired custom 275 Rigby (Simillion/ Bellieb), All load and shoot well with Barnes TSX. Guns prefer 140 grain bullets...
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    Best Airline flying from the U.S. to South Africa

    South African Airways. Usually best rate and typically a more than comfortable flight experience. Flying to Windhoek through Joberg for 1317 $ round trip on Nov 7 for a lion hunt, Not bad for last minute hunt. A lot of the travel agents buy up travel times at discounted rates. Custom Travel...
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    Who owns and uses these calibres

    275 Rigby. project rifle by American custom gun makers Gene Simillion (Metal work) and Steve Billeb (stock work) Just finish reloading 25 rounds each of NOSLER PARTITION 140 GRAIN and140 grain Barnse TSX. H414 47.5 grains, CCI BR2 primers, Norma brass. Of to the range this weekend to...
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    Lion Hunt Northern Namibia Exportable

    Ian, Great offer on the lion, and I personally would look forward to the challange of a difficult hunt. Any chance of additional trophies with extension of a couple days? Damara dik dik and other indigenous species would have me ready to pack. Thanks, Tom
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    Who reloads.....and why?

    My two cents. 30 year reloading experience. Initially for cost savings. Now to improve performance, and just the satisfaction of developing a load, along with the mental health aspect ( reloading is great fun). Great stress relief component. Have run the gamut with my hunting and rifle...