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    Buffalo Cow Pictures

    Buffalo cow and young
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    Sleepless in Pennsylvania

    Leaving on Friday for Vic Falls. Buffalo on the menu plus possibly tuskless cow. I'm into the mad scramble now.
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    How often is the Black Mamba encountered?

    In four trips to the Okavango delta I have seen two puff adders, both from the truck. I wouldn't worry about it. Don't forget, as you walk through the bush you will be third in line, behind the tracker and the PH, the odds of a snake letting two men walk past while waiting to strike the third...
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    7x57 Owners....educate me

    I have a Dakota 7X57. I have never taken it to Africa but use it for whitetails here. It is one of those magic caliber that just works better than you expect it to. I would not have any qualms about using it for any game up to, and including kudu. You can handload it hotter than the factory...
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    AH Get Together In Vegas During Safari Club International (SCI) Convention 2013

    unfortunately I am in Wednesday and out Friday. If any of you happen to see a short fat guy with a name tag reading Terry Reese, say Hi.
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    would you shoot?

    This was the the first day of my hunt and the the zero of my 30-06 was off, checked it the evening before when we arrived in camp, so I took my back up rifle the 30-30 which I knew was on. Usually the deer come in closer than that,in 10 years of hunting there I have only had a couple of shots...
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    would you shoot?

    You are in a ground blind 300 yds away from a nice sized South Carolina Whitetail. You have a scoped Marlin XLR 30-30 in your hands loaded with leverevolution ammo. you have a solid rest. Do you take the shot? If so what is your point of aim? I didn't shoot. Just curious what others would do.
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    450/400 to light?

    I took a buffalo with it's ballistic twin, 404Jeffery firing a 400 gr bullet at 2180fps. It worked just fine. I wouldn't have any qualms about the 450/400
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    Why The 30-06 Has Been rendered OBSOLETE

    It is obsolete only if you believe that efficiently killing game up to eland size with a minimum of fuss, muzzle blast and recoil is obsolete.
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    30-06 - The calibre to love or hate?

    The 30-06 is the most boring caliber ever created. Shoot an animal with it and only one thing happens: the animal dies.
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    Lefties on TV, why so many?

    Not all left handed shooters are left handed. If you are left eye dominant you should shoot lefty in order to shoot with both eyes open. My son is a good example of this. I actually am left eye dominant but have never been able to make the switch. I learned to shoot in the boy scouts where they...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: BOWHUNT: South Africa Disappointment With Steyn Safaris

    Sounds like a nightmare. For contrast, I have hunted 4 times in Botswana, twice including ranch hunts, and have had a wonderful time. I suggest that you chalk this up to experience, do some due diligence, and give Africa another try. The problem is with the outfitter, not with hunting in Africa...
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    What about the 300 H&H ???

    7X57 plus 375 or 300 H&H plus 375 ? you can't go wrong with either. Normally I say take the one that you shoot the best, but if you are comfortable with the 375 that you will be fine with the 300. Everyone is comfortable with a 7X57. Take the combination that floats your boat.
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    Newbie Question

    Check with your outfitter regarding how long of a shot you can expect. In my 4 hunts in Botswana, the okavango delta and the kalahari desert, most of my shots were less than 100 yds and only one was over 200. Shoot from a standing position as much as you can before going. I suggest that you...
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    I have hunted Botswana 4 times, all 4 in the Okavango Delta, twice in ranches near Ghanzi, the area that you are considering. Botswana is safe, stable and friendly. It is an ideal place for a first timer, or old pro. I would suggest that you ask your outfitter to organize a 2 or 3 day stay in a...