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    Comment by 'Terry Blauwkamp' in media 'Trackers/Skinners'

    On a slightly different note, I am trying to see if I can bring my "immobile" wife in a wheel chair along, and people here ask, but how will she be treated there? Getting her there on a 16+ hour flight is going to be the hardest part. But once there, she will be TREATED like a QUEEN...…...
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    What would be your Dream Hunt!??

    I was asked quite a similar question at DSC a few years ago. My answer then was "To go again as soon as possible with the folks I have been going to". Now after Covid 19 has it all screwed up..... " Just to go again soon as possible".
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    Namibian borders open 1 September

    AND where do we get this PCR Test?
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    Tell me why buying a Rifle chambered in 6MM Remington is stupid

    It is NOT stupid from a performance standpoint, but most folks are in love with the 243 Win and resale of the 6mm makes it "stupid", so if you find one, you usually can buy it very reasonable.
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    Probability of hunting in 21

    I'm hoping to go yet in Nov of '20, but May 21 for sure.
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    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    I always use little orange plugs as a minimum..
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    Comment by 'Terry Blauwkamp' in media 'Trackers/Skinners'

    The "Trackers, Drivers & Skinners" are some of the hardest works on a trip. Over the years, I've hunted with many of them over and over, and always look forword to seeing their big grin when we arrive.
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    Need Help Traveling To Or Through South Africa With Your Guns?

    I've used Air2000 for the past 15 years. even though I've been thru JoBerg 20-30 times, I still use them, as it simplifies things a lot. got to know the folks that meet us every time, and they are old friends now. They bend over backwards to be sure we are taken care of...
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    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    You do realize that asking such a questions like this is paramount to asking about your favorite Car, Beer, Religion, Politics or Unions. But "in my experience", I have found regardless of which one you use, if it is placed in the right place, the animals will die shortly.
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    Case lube

    If anyone would like to read and article I wrote a while back about case lube and substitutes, just send me a PM and I'll reply with attachments.
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    Namibia to open its borders

    14 days out in the bush would be fine with me...
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    Eurowings to resume flights between Frankfurt and Windhoek

    Do they ( or will they) carry firearms?
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    Comment by 'Terry Blauwkamp' in media 'Forster Classic 50 trimmer'

    I've had one for "years" too. Been known to send it back once or twice to be resharpened. took the handle off and put electric drill on instead.
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    Comment by 'Terry Blauwkamp' in media 'Hunting Lodge Namibia'

    Look's like Roy's place at Otjandaue.
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    WANTED: Search Hunting Safari Namibia 2020

    I agree with KMG about Kowas. Been there many times, and plan on Nov 14-21 in November, maybe see ya then.