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    Which convention to go to? SCI or DSC?

    I've been going to SCI when its in Reno since 1989,skip sci in vegas until it goes back to Reno and save your money.Go to Dallas show .
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    Most Under Rated African Trophy

    The common bush duiker eluded me on 4 past trips and 4 different countries till last year in namibia which isn't considered a hot spot for them.I would rank the vaal rhebok as an underrated trophy,as most Americans don't even know they exist and are very challenging in their habitat.Sitatunga is...
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    Average Shipping Time - Ocean or Air Freight

    Shipping Patience,Patience,Patience,you are dealing with African time,time is money with us yanks not so in alot of places in the world.Shipment will arrive and it will be better than Christmas!
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    Do you have any hunting "goals"?

    I wanted at one time to hunt all the countries in Africa,I just couldn't stay that focused on it.Kept getting side tracked and realized last year I am 10 animals away from the North American 29.So I have changed course to that goal,except I am going to Mongolia to hunt both Ibexes this year and...
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    tell me about hunting leopards

    I hunted from a blind in Zimbabwe,enjoyed shooting my baits, dragging and checking them every day.We had 6 baits and started getting hits after the first night.When it came time to sit in the blind I was using a power ear muff as my hearing is shot.The nite sounds were some of my lasting...
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    What Line Of Work Are You In

    I have been in the car wash business for 21 years,USPS straight truck mail contractor for 35 years and West Wind Courier Service inc since 1984.
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    Planning first trip to Africa

    Mt Hunter I received a notice that you sent a pm,I never got it,want to try again?
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    cobra eating snake

    Owen Over the years my taxidermist has learned not to be surprised by anything I bring him
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    cobra eating snake

    We found this cape spitting cobra eating another snake and we pulled him out from under a bush. He started throwing up the snake and retreated to the bush where we pulled him out again, now he was pissed off. I decided I wanted him for my collection so I wacked him with the flat side of a machete.
  10. cobra necklace

    cobra necklace

  11. cobra raised

    cobra raised

  12. spitting cobra

    spitting cobra

  13. spitting cobra upchucking snake

    spitting cobra upchucking snake

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    What's the hunting gear you can't live without?

    My camara,binocs,boots,headlamp,and journal.
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    Planning first trip to Africa

    Welcome to African Hunting,IMHO I would join a local SCI chapter for starters and start your research as your animal list is quite broad.I just returned from 3 weeks in Namibia in September,my wife is an amateur photographer this was her 1st time to Africa and she took 4000 photos, yes thats...