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Keen hunter for 40 years. Hunted Africa since 1984.Member of SCI since 1985.
I am a
  1. Hunter
  2. Travel agent
Member of
SCI, FSK (Finland), Shams Club (Egypt)
Have you hunted in Africa?
Number of times I have hunted in Africa
My favorite African country
Finl, Germany,Austria, Egypt,Sudan, Zambia, SA, Zim,Austr,Namib,Sweden
Species I have hunted in Africa
Several plains game, Crocs, the Big 5, Hippo.
My best African Trophy
A 44´ Cape Buffalo in Zambia
My favorite African trophies
A gold medal white Rhino (darted); Gold medal Puku etc.
My preferred weapon(s)
375 Sako Safari, 458 WM Sako (Custom), 470 WE double, 8x57JS Sako HighPower, 30-06 Sako Classic, 256 Steyr Mannlicher(1903), 22LR Sako, 12 gauge Sauer&Sohn, 12 gauge Husqvarna, 12 gauge Perazzi.
What weapon(s) do you hunt with?
  1. Rifle
  2. Shotgun
My preferred optic(s)
8x20 and 8x30 Zeiss and for rifles Leupold 1,5-5 and Schmidt&Bender 1-4 and 2,5-10x40
My best hunting tip
Zambia, Luangwa Valley, 1996
My other interests
Clay shooting, Fishing, travelling