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    "New" Toy - Off Chassis Restoration - 1969 Toyoda Land Cruiser

    i got a TOY 61 SW with this engine .... you're going to climb on the trees with that one ! congrats !
  2. South Africa Hunting Crocodile

    South Africa Hunting Crocodile

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    Weirdest animal shot and what with?

    The smallest one wounded at first shot , the biggest shot in my shoes, in the eye, and the first one achieved, brain shot, .... with 7x64 federal NP 160gr ...3,30 & 3,70m
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    hello from Namibia

    Bienvenue Christian ! J'ai chassé à Zelda il y a longtemps déjà Vous y êtes guide ?
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    7x64 Brenneke - Opinions

    The 7x64 is a very well known caliber in Europe, usually with 160gr (years ago I used Federal NP (y)) a go to anything in plain or mountain.
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    What do hunters look for when researching / booking their safaris?

    After a dozen of trips in Africa, Namibia x 3, SA x 2 and Burkina Faso, in this order : - Hight Fences free - Size of the area ( I don't want to hunt the same place each day ) - aviability of my game list in the same area ( I don't want 3 hours road drive a day ) - Total game list with my...
  7. Eland steak Namibia

    Eland steak Namibia

  8. Eland steak on the Barbecue in Namibia

    Eland steak on the Barbecue in Namibia

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    Which is the best game meat?

    For me it's my Eland tasted in Namibia :
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    Comment by 'Solitaire' in media 'Gemsbok Hunting'

    I'm very proud about this Oryx, the one you see is the second bullet when it was standing, the face was on the floor, the first one was between the shoulders facing .... 7RM Rosenthal Namibia, 175gr PMP SP, approx 150m ... 2004, my first trip !
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    10,75x68 Mauser

    I shot Degol in 9,3x62, the spitzer type 285gr at 840m/s (2755f/s)(not the round nose only for my 9,3x74R) and even on Roe Deer in driven hunts, I never got any failure even any meat dammage unless you touch big bones.
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    What cartridge have you thought about the most, but never owned a rifle in it?

    For me just a 8x68s in a mauser 66 action ...
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    Why doesn't the .500 Jeffery get the love of that the .505 Gibbs does on this forum?

    And it commercialize pretty good hunting bullets in the most current calibers also
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    9.3x62 Optics

    On mine, there is a 1,5-6x42 S&B and it's fine up to 250m (y)
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    Thoughts: A rifle battery for a 28 day Safari hunt...

    If I could dream about a safari like this, it would be : - 7 RM - 175gr TBBC - scope 2,5-10 - 9,3x62 - 286gr Oryx - scope 1,5-6 - 500 Jef open sight for pleisure :rolleyes: