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    Can you guess how many Kudu are in the photo?

    5, mabe...
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    What Calibre to Bring on a One-Gun Safari?

    A very enjoyable and informative read. Thank you.
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    The agony of choice...

    I like it for 250 grain Accubonds. Very solid out to 325 Yards, including from the sticks. FWIW, good groups from the sticks at distance says a lot about how I handle the recoil, being I'm a recoil sissy. :(
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    But...:) 9.3x62 brass and bullets are available and seem to be in good supply. I know because I bumped my inventory up just yesterday. Any caliber in that rifle would be fantastic. Get the one you want, figure the rest out later.
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

    Based on a quick check on Midway-USA, 30-06 ammo only showed two options in stock. Both were high dollar Swift loadings. There were three factory ammo choices for 7x57, plus one source (Norma) for 7x57 brass. None for 30-06 brass.
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    Reloading for accuracy

    IMHO life is just too short to weigh every charge on a beam scale, but YMMV. FWIW, I paid around $150 for my GemPro 250 and $329 or so for my RCBS Chargemaster. If +/- 0.1 grains is your goal, the Chargemaster will get you there, (based on my sample of one). A good balance beam could certainly...
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    Reloading for accuracy

    I was never able to get within 0.1 grain powder drops using a powder measure - especially with extruded powders. Doesn't mean it can't be done, of course.
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    Reloading for accuracy

    Best real or perceived accuracy aids for me: Quality brass. Lapua, Norma/Nosler, then Remington are my favs. Accurate powder drops (I shoot for exact target weight to ~.04 grains over - -scale reads to .02 gr). Finding the best COL. Finding and tweaking the powder accuracy node. Trimming...
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    No need for more than 150 gr in 30 cal

    If considering a medium or light for caliber Bonded bullet, it may be wise to first see what it is designed for. For example, when researching 30 cal Swift Scirocco (bonded) bullets, the 150 is said to be designed with lighter game in mind.
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    Shoulder not set back

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    Shoulder not set back

    If last fired in the same rifle - No biggie. Shoot em, as you have necked sized only. GTG. Decap if desired and start over - again no biggie, but use common sense. Eye protection and go slow. A Universal decapping die is preferred. Drop the decapped live ones in a zip lock bag, spray with your...
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    Leupold VX3 Riflescope, real world opinions

    I haven't bought a Leupold in many years and it's not likely I will. One is a older VX3, 3.5-10. They are no doubt very robust, but the older my eyes get, the worse they are for getting a crisp focus. Especially at max powder. No issues what-so-ever, including focus and tracking, with four...
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    Dead Mule recoil reducer

    Its been awhile, but for the bolt hole on O/U skeet guns I have simply poured in lead shot, packed the remaining space with egg carton material and replaced the recoil pad.
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    So...if: A. Your 9.3x62 is dead nuts accurate with 250 grain Nosler Accubond reloads (including from the sticks) and that's absolutely the rifle and load you plan to take for plains game Safari #1 next July... and B. While Eland is not on the "primary" wish list, it is absolutely a Target of...
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    Best way to pay for a Safari?

    My PH/Outfitter has a US bank account. Makes wiring funds or sending an electronic check easy.