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    Promotion on Gemsbok and Springbok in South Africa

    Go to website for information ... :confused: Am I missing something ??? Your website seems to not say very much ??? Maybe I'll go back and see again .. It looks like you folks are from South Africa but no prices or acres or ????
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    GREAT reason for a PH shot colaboration

    Where and when did all this happen ??? Yo, I have not heard of this accident ???:confused: Could you let us know more about it ???
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    What is With Trigger Happy PHs

    The guide as hustler .. ??? Never thought of that ... I only hunted with the young guy for the last day ..and did get a great warthog and that oryx .. . Over the years I have had other young guides ... one was 21 ... and another was 24 ... Nice guys but I would wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy prefer someone...
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    What is With Trigger Happy PHs

    Should the PH fire ??? Yo!!! On a trip to Angola/Namibia in March I did a bit of hunting in Namibia. My PH was doing his first day guiding for the outfitter. I whacked a juicy gemsbok bull and it ran into the thorns ... We ran over there .. the young PH was ahead of me and suddenly he throws up...
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    Buffalo hunt .. This is a really good deal. What concession is it ??? Chewore ???