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    on a lighter note...

    Went over like a fart in church Hornier than a two pecker billy goat Ran like a spotted ass ape
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    And Texas thinks it has a wild pig problem......pffft!

    Can’t see the guys face, could very well be anyone of those mentioned. :Dead:
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    @KMG Hunting Safaris ph Marten had the #1 bow steenbok as of two years ago. Contact Marius for a hunt.
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    Ruger 275 Rigby Trifecta For Sale

    My African and CZ 550 are both fantastic firearms and hard to come by.
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    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Ted, I seriously doubt you will ever move on. Just let it go.
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    Comment by 'Sand Rat' in media 'Hunting Steenbok in South Africa'

    I’ve seen this one in person and it’s impressive to say the least,
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    Want To Buy CZ 550 In 7x57

    Rifle shoots great and the wood is outstanding. But this is one of three 7x57’s I own. Help me find the m77 tang safety RL in 250 Savage and we’ll work a deal. The CZ is very rare, only 200 or so made in this configuration.
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    Want To Buy CZ 550 In 7x57

    Where are you located? If I could ever find a Ruger M77 UL in 250 Savage I would consider selling mine.
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    Artistry of Wildlife back in full production....

    Great to hear you’re back up and running! Most importantly hope you are feeling good and taking care. Looking forward to speaking with you again, have some good closeups of my reedbucks horn bases for reference when you’re ready to start my safari. I’m in no hurry, take care. Sand Rat
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    Best hunting movies Africa or otherwise

    What about Black Hawk Down? They shot a warthog from a helicopter and cook it back at the base.
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    7x57 favorite loads

    156 gr oryx, mine loves em and they have plenty of punch. I max out at 46 gr of H4350, load is out of John Barness Big Book of Gun Gack.
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    7x57 favorite loads

    That’s higher than giraffes Vagina!
  13. USA Hunting Big Sow

    USA Hunting Big Sow

    Big sow taken under the feeder light early November with the old M77 30-06.
  14. Boar Hunt USA

    Boar Hunt USA

    Traded for a Ruger #1 in 7X57 back before Christmas and got a chance to break it in on a big boar a few weeks ago right before dark from my bow stand.
  15. Hunting Sow in USA

    Hunting Sow in USA

    And last weekend I took this sow with my Ruger African 275 Rigby. Need to switch back to the crossbow and go to stealth mode. Bucks are forming bachelor herds and I want to keep things quiet by the protein feeder for the rest of the growing season.