I'm just a guy making my way the only way I know how...
June 23
Smyrna, TN
Country of residence
Orange County
State/Province of residence
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BBQ, Hunting, Motorcycles, Hounds and most of all, My Honey!
I am a
  1. Hunter
Member of
NRA, SCI, HFMA, and a Certified KCBS BBQ Judge
Have you hunted in Africa?
Number of times I have hunted in Africa
My favorite African country
I'm leaning towards Zambia...but I've only been to SA!
South Africa, Texas, Alaska - hey, they count. Trust me!
Species I have hunted in Africa
East Cape Kudu (greater), Blue Wildebeast, Hartebeast, Gemsbok, Steenbok, Duiker, Warthog, Blesbok, Eland, Sable, Gemsbok, Klipspringer, Vaal, Mountain Reedbuck and Bushbuck
My best African Trophy
10.5" Vaal!
My favorite African trophies
Blesbok - oh the runaround and chase! Two and a half hours of running in circles... good times!
My preferred weapon(s)
Pre-64 M70 in 300 H&H.
Montana 1999 in .375 H&H
Merkel K1 in 7mm RemMag (Stalking)
Remington M7 AWR in 7mm SAUM (when the weather turns to crap)
What weapon(s) do you hunt with?
  1. Rifle
My preferred optic(s)
Leica. No question, Leica.
Healthcare SaaS Sales
Gear I cannot live without
Superfeet insoles. Best investment in my shoes I've ever made.
My best hunting tip
Kodiak Island - Sitka Blacktail. In early December. The first tent collapsed under snow and ice...I had a freshly mended broken arm and my guide tried to cut his finger off. Good Times!
My other interests
Iron Butt motorcycling, track days, legendary trips called "We're not Smart" - part one, two and three...


- Robert N.

There's no such thing as "too much practice".