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    Free Book Giveaway There's Something About Buffalo by Kevin Thomas

    There's Something About Buffalo
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    New Mauser, Worth It?

    I have a MO3 extreme in 3006 and 375. Used the 375 in Africa on plains game. Also use both here in Australia on Sambar. I am very happy with this outfit. Very accutate and 100 % reliable in feeding. Would not hesistate to recommend.
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    Do you know this deer hunted in Australia?

    Just to add to what bluey has already posted. These are Hog deer and outside a few private properties live in coastal region of southeast Victoria. As bluey mentioned there is a season that runs through April and works on a tag system. Tags are required even if deer is taken on private land...
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    Lions, trophy hunting and the US government – the 27 facts you need to know

    Ok, so the US has banned importing sport hunted lion and Australia also. My question is how much does that actually effect the ammount of lions hunted? Are US hunters the ones who are mostly buying free range hunts? Also just because you are not able to bring back the trophy does not mean you...
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    Would anyone like to join me

    Ok, just need this 40 c weather to bugger off and some nice rain, and we are set.
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    Would anyone like to join me

    The beuty of this spot is that it is only 2 hrs or so from Melbourne. In addition no camping gear needed as the hut has everything. It is situated on a 100 acres with very easy access to state land and endless hunting . In fact deer have been taken within 300 meters of the hut. I have hunted in...
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    Would anyone like to join me

    Hey guys, depending when msy be able to organise a hut to hunt from. 20 min from Mansfield.
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    Herdsmen arrested for poisoning lions in Kenya's Maasai Mara Dead lions include 17-year-old Bibi,

    Well at least they have video of lions from Kenya, because that is all that will remain in the not to distant future. Conservation at its best.
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    416 Woodleigh's?

    I have used Woodleighs for over 20 years in various calibers, including 416 ruger and 375 h&h. Took a buff bull with 416 in 2011. I have never had one fail. You can have confidence that they will not fail.
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    Muchinguri Blurts: We Have Too Many Elephants in Zimbabwe

    Government knows....isn't this a oxymoron.
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    Muchinguri Blurts: We Have Too Many Elephants in Zimbabwe

    Perhaps a quota for poachers? Not really sure of the trophy potential. And also dip and pack could be a little tricky.
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    China Donates Equipment to Anti-Poaching Efforts

    Makes me wonder what the Chinese are taking in return???
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    60 lbs each side Elephant

    Would be interesting to know tusk thickness and length of ivory.
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    VETPAW kicked out of Tanzania

    I can't believe they let them in country in the first place.