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    Need Help Please

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    Need Help Please

    Severely bruised middle finger. Okay I have a DR in 470 NE. Been practicing for two months and am getting settled in. My problem is every time I fire the front trigger it kicks back and kills my right middle finger I am holding the pistol grip with. Can anyone help me diagnose my problem please...
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    Why do you sell a gun?

    Two reasons. 1. Had some guns in safe had not and would not shoot again. 2. Primary reason is all of my guns are bolt action in the $1,000 to $2,000 price range...when you “friends” (don’t think my wife likes you lol!) got me to buy my first double I hit the five figure range for the first...
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    Recoil limit

    Interesting Phil. I placed my DR fore end within my hand when I fired it to get my Trinicon sited in and had to problems when I used my sled. Only took four shots
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    Want To Buy 450/400 Or 470 Double Rifle

    I will sell you my brand new Rizzini 470 NE bought in December of 2020 for $10,000 and throw in 6 boxes of Barnes 500 grain ammunition and 470 reloading dies. The bullets and dies alone worth over $1,000 dollars. Reason for selling I want a double rifle in 450-400. Thanks
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    Recoil limit

    I absolutely love my Rizzini brand new 470 NE that I paid $10,800 in December of 2020 for. However on hind site I would have bought a 450-400 Double rifle given I could still hunt elephant yet better handle the recoil. My Rizzini is a gorgeous double rifle at 11 pounds. If someone has an awesome...
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    Kalahari Lion Hunt 2020

    Correction I will be hunting the B level male lion for $8,000. I will send the $2,000 deposit ASAP when you PM me your bank information to hold the price for 2023. Thanks
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    Kalahari Lion Hunt 2020

    Please PM me your bank information so I can send you the $2,000 deposit for 2023 for the middle $6,000 male lion hunt. I will wish to hunt 6 days 5 nights the first week in July 2023. Thanks!!!
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    Recoil limit

    Who can tell me the difference in recoil of. 470 NE to 450-400 NE please?
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    Most Coveted Dangerous Game Calibers

    470 NE
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    For Sale Hornady 500, 470, 450 & 9.3 Ammunition

    I will take all the remaining 470 NE
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    470 NE Dies Destroyed

    Thanks so much everyone for your comments. I have bought new dies, gotten die cleaner and new lube so wish me luck!
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    Kalahari Lion Hunt 2020

    Thanks what would be the deposit please for the 6,000 lion for Five days and six nights please for 2023?
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    Big Bore for Buffalo-Double or Bolt

    For $10,000 you can buy a new Rizzini DR in either 470 or 500 Nitro I love my 470, shoots good and love big 5 engraving as well
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    Dies For Sale Never Used

    I have the following g RCBS dies for sale never used: 1-270 Weatherby 1- 7MM 2- 416 Rigby Each $100 plus you pay shipping