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    Beware QuickLoad

    I am so disappointed. I have a new computer Quickload brand new and cannot get it to work no matter what I do. No phone number for customer service for QuickLoad. I just wasted $175. Beware. I would not buy it again
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First Time Safari With Grandfather At Ditholo Safaris

    +1 on your thinking!!! Hunting is by your definition and no one else...never listen to anyone's definition of do what fits you. awesome making memories with your grandfather...nothing can ever duplicate or replace that experience.
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    What is the best car you have ever owned?

    Porsche 940 Turbo BBS honey comb wheels candy apple red when I was single…chic magnet. Second my Ford F-150 pick up truck
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    Lion Hunt In Central African Republic C.A.R.

    Beautiful lion! Congratulations!
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    WANTED: Pulling The Trigger Next Year

    I highly recommend both @TSALA HUNTING SAFARIS and @GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS. Great outfitters, great experience and great opportunities for PG you want
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    5 Reasons Why You Need Medical Evacuation Coverage

    Always buy it. I think my last one with full coverage evacuation and Drs was about $200 and so well worth the peace of mind that comes with it
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    First deer with a trad bow taken in Northern Virginia

    Congratulations! I well remember hunting with both my Brackenberry and Black Widow recurves. I made my own arrows and used Zwicky broadheads I sharpened. I killed over 50 dear with them and a doe was a trophy! You should be proud of your accomplishment!!! It is a true skill that takes...
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    TANZANIA: Two Area Dream Hunt Sept/Oct 2021 With GAME Trackers AFRICA

    Can’t wait for Cannot wait for rest of report!
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    If You Lost Everything

    My DR Champuis in 450-400 NE
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    Am I Crazy?!? Or Did I Catch the Mid-Bore Bug?

    Let’s get you into the big bore double rifle club‍♂️
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    7 Big African Game Hunting Trophies Great Deal

    Awesome deal! Incredible