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    How Many Leopards In The Video

    I successfully hunted leopard with Johann in 2019 and I was really impressed with his hunting area. Also, Johann is very passionate, knowledgeable and methodical in his pursuit of leopard. If you want to hunt Leopard in Namibia, you won't go wrong booking a hunt with him.
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    Right or Left Shooter?

    I'm left handed and left eye dominant. I shoot left hand. Both of my son's are right handed but left eye dominant, they both shoot left hand rifles as well. It is much quicker pointing a shotgun or rifle when you are using your dominant eye. The other option is to close the dominant eye and...
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    Wolf attack in Poland

    Same subject but different continent.....There were two wolf attacks in Northern Saskatchewan a few years back. One was fatal and one not. The wolves were hanging around a mine site dump and got habituated to humans. A mine worker decided to walk back to the barracks one evening to get some...
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    Namibia Leopard Hunt

    Another suggestion.......time your hunt to coincide to the new moon. Leopards are nocturnal but even they can't see when it is pitch black, new moon means they are more likely to hunt during daylight hours.
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    Namibia Leopard Hunt

    rdachille, you have been given three excellent references for a leopard hunt. Just a suggestion...but what worked for me was to make up a list of questions and then make arrangements to interview via WhatsApp, so that you can talk to each one personally. Your question to Regleg is a good one...
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    Namibia Leopard Hunt

    I enjoyed hunting with Johann Veldsman. His outfit is called Shona Safaris. Check out my report from 2019. He is passionate and knowledgeable about hunting leopard. He has a couple of nice toms hitting baits right now...check out his facebook posts.
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome to AH. We are enjoying the balmy -38 degree weather here in Saskatchewan as well!
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    358 Winchester & 9.3x57 Question About Performance

    Alaska Luke, when you are talking about "bone", I assume you mean the heavy leg bone or humerus. I have seen a lot of elk shot with various calibers up to the .375 Ruger and H &H. It takes a large well constructed bullet to break the humerus and still penetrate adequately. I honestly don't know...
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    358 Winchester & 9.3x57 Question About Performance

    I don't have any experience hunting bears, but have shot three moose and five or six elk with the 358 Win. I think that the 225 gr A-frames would be entirely adequate for bear, provided you are not shooting over 200 yards. I have had good success with 225 gr. TSX, seldom recovering a bullet but...
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    In memoriam - Garth Owen-Smith (1944-2020) – A Great Tree Has Fallen

    Thank You for sharing this. Mr. Owen-Smith certainly lived a full life and had many great accomplishments.
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    ZIMBABWE: Early Season Elephant Hunt With Nyamazana Safaris

    Excellent report. Congratulations on a fulfilling one of your life goals.
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    Hello from the Copperbelt, Zambia!

    Welcome! You will have to keep us posted as to how your apprenticeship goes.
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    Hello from Alberta

    Welcome from a fellow Canadian! You will find the people on this forum to be friendly and most helpful. Good luck on your upcoming hunt.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Eliot Hunts With Karoo Wild Safaris On His First Ever African Hunting Safari

    That first trip to Africa is always special. Looks like you spoiled Eliot. How is he going to top this on his next safari? Congratulations on a job well done.