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    on a lighter note...

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    No one using Browning BLR (lever action) for plains game?

    Yeah, It was causing her to not shoot up to her usual performance and she wouldn't hunt with it. Thus the sale.
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    No one using Browning BLR (lever action) for plains game?

    Phil, We had a BLR for a couple years. It is a very nice rifle, the only drawback is the trigger. Could not get it below about 5 lbs after several attempts by myself and two gunsmiths. Also the fun part is getting everything back in time so the bolt is closed when the lever is in position. I'm...
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    Bear keeps man for snack?

    Tough sob
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    NAMIBIA: Johnnyblues V.S. Mr. Spots Round Two

    Been off the grid for a couple months. I just logged on to the forum and your report was the first thing that I knew I had to read. Just finished all 18 pages. Man, Johnny what a story. That is one awesome cat. Congrats on a fine exciting hunt. I remember last time when it did not happen and you...
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    Hello from snowy Montana

    Welcome to AH! Love Montana. If I was to ever leave Texas, it would be for the big sky country. There is a wealth of info on his forum and a lot of entertainment too!
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    Hello, new guy from Montana

    Welcome to the best forum! My wife and I love Montana. We used to go to Forsyth every year for the Quigley Match but haven't been in a while.
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    Messing with Baboons!

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    SOUTH AFRICA: Does Anyone Know Ken Whiley, Gamka Safaris?

    Just wondering if any of you know or know of this guy. A few weeks ago as we were getting ready to put on our local gun show, my wife ( she's the promoter) got a call from Ken. He told her he was an African outfitter and had a free weekend while here in the states. He asked if he could come and...
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    Headed to Antarctica

    Pretty awesome experience!
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    I think I would let that one stay around.
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    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2019

    We had a great time. As usual didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would have liked to but had a ball. Met Ross and Almayne from Monterra Safaris while waiting for the shuttle outside the hotel and they gave us a ride to and from Gilley in their car.Really nice guys. Hopefully we will see...