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    Is an illuminated reticle essential for Cape buffalo hunting?

    I had a Leupold VX-R on my rifle for my buffalo hunt last year, bought it for the lit reticle, in the moment didnt even think to turn it on. In my opinion, isn't necessary, doesn't really add any benefit in dim lighting (dusk/dawn) and seems to be more of a distraction than anything. You have...
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    For Sale Marlin 1895SBL 45-70

    ooo tempting!!
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    No1 In 500 Nitro Express With Reloading Equipment

    Let me know if you want to sell some of the reloading equipment seperately. I shot you a pm.
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    Looking To Build Up My Collection Of Reloading Dies

    Thanks for the response! unfortunately I have both the 30-06 and .308 custom grade dies already. Liking the hornady dies, how much for just all the .308 bullets ?
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    Looking To Build Up My Collection Of Reloading Dies

    Hey Everyone, Looking to build up my collection of reloading dies as I start helping friends get into reloading. If you have any dies you no longer need or are looking to get rid of, let me know, happy to discuss deals. Looking for a wide array of calibers from 6.5CM up to 416's and 458's...
  6. Ruger 77 Magnum .458 Lott Range Shots

    Ruger 77 Magnum .458 Lott Range Shots

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    Need 458 Lott & 416 Rigby Brass

    Thanks! very happy with it, shoots great
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    For Sale Ruger 77 Magnum .458 Lott

    Thanks Charles, was great dealing with you as well, great communication and keeping me updated. Thank you for your efforts on getting it shipped. Shot the rifle for the first time this past weekend, factory Norma rounds grouped pretty well, kicks like a mule. Excited to see how accurate it can...
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    Need 458 Lott & 416 Rigby Brass

    Dennis, I dont mean to jack your thread but if you are not interested in these TSX bullets from Kycrawler I will take them off his hands.
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    Pay It Forward-Free

    got the swifts this week, thanks! I was going to put up an RCBS reloading die set for .458 win mag that i got in a combo deal with bullets. I saw someone else was interested in the die set, in the for sale thread so i sent to them for free, hope that counts as a good deed for this thread :D...
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    Want To Buy .458 Lott Brass

    Sent a pm