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    A Sad Day Yesterday. Had to Put My Old Dog Down!

    Sorry to hear that you have lost your great friend Ridgewalker. Whenever you start caring for something there is always pain at the end. I too have lost several pups over the years and it is a heartbreaking experience. They remain forever in you heart. After we lost our Jack Russell a couple of...
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    Experience shooting small plains game and deer with big bores?

    Shot my last deer with a 500 grain soft point out of my .458WinMag at 35 yards. I have never seen a deer drop so fast. Much more fun to use larger caliber for hunting and there is very little meat damage.
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    Woodleigh Bullets & Hydrostatic

    I have used Woodleigh's in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa on a wide variety of game, in .30/06, .375H&H and .458Win. Super accurate and they always did a great job. I reckon they are the best hunting bullet you can load with. Loaded to sensible velocities and placed in the right spot...
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    Best Red Dot/RMR for 458 Lott

    I have used a Burris Fastfire III on a .458 Win Mag extensively for the last 6 years. No change of zero over that time. An excellent sight.
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    New M70 375

    I too have both recent manufacture US and Portuguese Winchesters M70's and both are extremely well made and very accurate. I would not hesitate in buying the Portuguese manufactured ones. I read that only the assembly takes place in Portugal, but not the manufacture of components, which are are...
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    A Genuine Question : Why Is Hornady So Hated?

    I never use factory ammo and have used Hornady components extensively. I have had great results with their Interbond projectiles. Good life out of their brass in .375H&H, .458WinMag and .470Nitro.
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    Best Recoil Pad for .470 NE

    I recently replaced the KickEez recoil pad on my .470 as it began to deteriorate quite quickly - splits appearing. I put a Decelerator on it, as I have had good results and long life with these pads on a number of bolt guns that have had extensive use over many years.
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    Binocular harness recommends?

    I can highly recommend the Kuiu harness. Used one in Africa recently and it kept the dust and crap off the lenses of my Leica Geovid HD-B’s giving protection that a simple harness or next strap cannot offer. The PH thought it an outstanding piece of kit.
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    Show your Win Mod 70 Safari or Super Express

    + one in .375 H&H Mag and one in .458 Win Mag - great rifles and great value for money