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    Congratulations your #2 on the ignore list
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    TANZANIA: Bullet Safaris - Nathan Askew - Leopard/Buffalo Hunt - October 2020

    What a fantastic adventure! Thanks for taking us along
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    What are we doing?

    When l started reading this l didn't realize it was from 2011. Amazing how it fits with today 2020. Reading Red Leg's description of the 2 types of clients l realized l fall right between the 2. Recently retired and starting a small business. When l take a break the whole crew takes a break...
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    British Columbia Moose hunt

    Congratulations. Was this a DIY hunt or guided?
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    What l seen we have to presidential candidates that couldn't follow a debate format, or stay on topic long enough to answer a question. Had to be the worse debate l have seen. Neither could outline a plan for any question. We had a debate and the topic for a time was face masks,, really. It...
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    An hour into the debate and l stopped watching. If that's the best we can get for presidential candidates we're in trouble. That's embarrassing
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    Don't forget to vote!!
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    Your right, l haven't been paying attention. Been hunting for the last 3 weeks. But l go by what people say and don't read between the lines. Agree, Let's leave it at that!
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    Maybe your right. But l didn't get that. What l got was "don't" get caught up in the hate and privilege, and exercise your right to vote! I don't have a problem with that.
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    Maybe l am missing something. Their message is don't get caught up in the a Media BS and vote! What's wrong with that? I don't give a f--- if your Mars that's good advice!
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    Gun cleaning behind all copper ammo

    I use Hoppes, copper remover and bore cleaner. Works fine. Barnes bullets in Weatherby rifles. Clean your rifle throughly ever 100-150 rounds
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    Non Exportable Elephant Hunt 2020 Cancellation Deal

    This is a great deal. I am not interested in Elephant hunting and l am thinking about it.
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    Hornady ELD-X

    What l have shot and seen others shoot with ELD-X. Keep the muzzle velocity at or below 3000 fps and impact velocity below 2900 fps and it performs fine. Best performance is in the 2500 fps impact range. I am trying the 165 grain game changer in my 7mm Weatherby mag. So far it has been very...
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    Double rifle airline case

    What do you guys think of the Pelican Vault case, 2 gun? A lot of stores seem to carrying that one.