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    2013 Package offer Namibia

    Hunting on 60000 ha of the free Namibia. The hunting place lie 80 km south of Etosha National Park and about 350 km from Windhoek. PACKAGE 1. Price per hunter. $5000 Included: 6 days hunting Pick up and return to airport in Windhoek Accomodation,food and drinks Daily washing...
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    BUFFALO 2013

    HALLO OUT THER. Iï½´am lokking fore some good offer for Buffalo hunting in 2013. I have 4 maby 8 hunters ( if we get a good offer ) whou are int in that and some are int in getting more then one Buffalo also some plains game on the same trip. One is also int in Sabel and one maby fore...
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    IBEX Spain and IBEX/MARCO POLO Kyragyzstan

    Further down on this side we have some offer fore IBEX in Spain and also hunting in Kyragyzstan. We forget to say that one of os will be going whit as a guide on the first trip to Spain and to Kyragyzstan. So dont hesitat to join up.
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    Now we have the prices fore IBEX and MARCO POLO in KYRAGYZSTAN fore 2013. The best time fore hunting is from the mid Sep to the end of Now ( Dec ) MID ASIEN IBEX 4950 $ MARCO POLO 19250 $ IBEX AND MARCO POLO 22900 $ INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. -Pick up and drop off at the airport -All...
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    IBEX SPAIN 2013

    We can offer good hunting on BECEITE IBEX in Spain 2013. The hunting will take place in the mountains of Maestrazgo & El Ports, in the North-East of Spain. The Hunting is arranged by stalking in Privat Reserves, we will be hunting fore over more then 55000 ha. The hunting season is from 1...
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    Sauth Africa 2013

    Hallo If you will take contakt to my partner in Norway, he will give you all that info you need also prices and foto. Thats him whou are the Canada ekxpert. Martin
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    Sauth Africa 2013

    Hallo Sorry i write on English but it is on Danish MENU - and fore my partner in Norway Velkommen til Norsk-Jaktformidling Thats him whou take care of Canada. Martin
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    Sauth Africa 2013

    Great deal fore hunting Sauth Africa 2013. This is 3 good package all have the same hunting days accomodation and so on, the only thing ther is different is the number of animals and price. 5 days hunting 1 day arrival 1 day departure Guide 1:1 Full Accomodation All transport duing the stay...