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    Vicious Squirrel Attack

    I'm not sure which is more depressing, the fact that this is a "news" worthy "story" OR the fact that these people all LOST fights with squirrels and were willing to publicly admit it. If i lost a fight with a squirrel you better believe the story would go to grave with me. Ever since i bought...
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    .505 Gibbs -- Needs a little work

    its garbage, the heat treat on the metal will be no good. -matt
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    Big Bore Addiction Group

    @Dr. Crack the 505 gibbs operates at pretty low pressure, even the "hot" loads are generally still fairly low pressure. be very careful annealing the brass because the shoulder is very small and if softened it will crumple. im afraid i dont remember how often i annealed the cases but it wasnt...
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    Big Bore Addiction Group

    @Dr. Crack 505 gibbs is a fine cartridge! I really enjoyed my AHR chambered in the same cartridge, took a buffalo back in 2016 with it. welcome to the club! -matt
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    Managing Recoil

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    460 Weatherby to 458 Lott

    i imagine it would be fairly difficult! the two cartridges share no dimensions other then bullet diameter. it would be significantly cheaper to simply buy a 458 lott. -matt
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    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    My dream rifle would be an English double 8 bore paradox gun. I WILL own one some day... -matt
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    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    good choice! I have the older version of that scope on my Win M70 416 RM and have taken game in both the USA and Africa in all types of conditions. I even competed in a couple large bore competitions and did very well with this gun. something fun to try when you get the scope set up: turn...
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    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    i went with... both! I use a Leupold VX-6 1-6x24 with an illuminated reticle. turn this puppy down to 1x and turn the reticle on and youve got a red dot optic. turn it up to 6x and your good out to 300 yards which is further then you will ever shoot with a 416. the 416 is a very versatile...
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    Tarnished bullets

    bullet is fine. Swift uses pure copper which is more prone to corroding then other jackets. -matt
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    350gr ttsx in 416

    I cant speak for the 350gr but I use the 300gr TSX in my 416 RM and would highly recommend it! They group around 1 MOA at 2700fps from my Win M70. Only downside is they do leave a fair bit of copper fouling in my barrel but the trade off is they are an absolute hammer on game! I've taken...
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    Big Bore Addiction Group

    I havent tried the synthetic CZ in 458 Lott but i have tried the normal wood rifle and was a HUGE fan of that gun! The 458's recoil is stout but the design of the stock on the CZ rifle lends itself to dealing with recoil. -matt
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    Big Bore Addiction Group

    The problem rifle your referring to isn't the fault of the cartridge and more the rifles builder (assuming your talking about what i think your talking about). The 416 RM and 416 Rigby can be found any place other large bore rifle cartridges can be found. In RSA i found both on shelves at...
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    Big Bore Addiction Group

    I'm gonna guess you don't like the 500/416 NE? I was actually referring to the more common 416 cartridges such as the 416 Rigby and the 416 RM (but i still think the 500/416 is a fine cartridge). In almost every African situation i would take a 416 RM over a 375 H&H but that is just a...
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    Big Bore Addiction Group

    The way i see it: 375 cartridges: a large game cartridge that can work for dangerous game. 416 cartridges: a dangerous game cartridge that can work for large game. Between the two i prefer the 416 because there is no such thing as "too dead". -matt