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    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    Most airlines let you start booking 330 days out.
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    Swine of another kind-Bushpig

    Very nice!
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    Seeking suggestions on these possible travel routes

    I would definitely avoid flying through NY with firearms. I would go with the Emirates route through Dubai.
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    Lesser talked about trophies- recommendations?

    Highly recommend a night hunt for bush pig. It can be quite exciting. Also consider the tiny ten as they can pose quite a difficult hunt.
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    Atlanta Airport Eats

    The Club is always crowded and the food and drink offerings and not very good. Certainly not worth $40.
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    KMG Hunting Safaris AH Members Group Hunt With BRICKBURN In 2020

    Perhaps you should give the bushbuck hunting at night a try!
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    My work here is done.....

    :A Big Hello:
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    Late Season Hunt Special 2019 With KMG Hunting Safaris

    the Caribbean is not all that bad. I take my wife to Punta Cana once a year and she does not complain too much about my Africa trips.
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    US customs...

    You can also download the Mobile Passport app. Only certain airports accept it, but I have never seen a line for it. I used it before I got Global Entry and highly recommend it to those without Global Entry. Best part is it’s free!!
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    KMG Hunting Safaris 2019 Season

    Way to go Marius! (y):E Cold:
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    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome my Missouri brother. I’m outside of St. Louis. Let me know if I can be of any help answering your questions about hunting South Africa.