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    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Hunting Safaris

    Well, one of my long-time Clients just came back from a successful hunt with Marius, KMG Hunting Safaris. On his list was mainly Spotted hyena, others to be followed after that. The baits were prepared Long before, so it was just a matter of time, to be there at the right time. See the result...
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    Damara Dik-Dik Pictures

    Damara Dikdik I got a while back, that time SCI no 3, measured 9 14/16
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    Sable Pictures

    and that says a guy who Looks like Frodo Baggins at the moment... Ts ts ts Marius...
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    Sable Pictures

    the bull I took two years ago in Zimbabwe...
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    Suggestions for Roe Deer Hunt in Europe...

    Thanks, btw, here is something special you ONLY find in Germany, northern part: BLACK roes, freeranging of course. Got him during rut 2013.
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    Buffalo in SA?

    Just an example of whats possible: My buff hunted in SA with KMG a few weeks ago. Thanks again Marius!
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    Blue Duiker hunt with TAM SAFARIS

    :elch: will wake YOU up!!
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    Blue Duiker hunt with TAM SAFARIS

    Mr. Goosen, don't try to hide yourself, I will find you! So, when??
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    ZAWA really confused, still!

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    Blue Duiker hunt with TAM SAFARIS

    Marius, know what I am thinking?? :cool:
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    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Good plan, you will see, the whole story, the whole hunt IS exciting!
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    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Thanks Shakari. You see? A foreign hunter comes to RSA, prepared himself for that what comes and - again - has to trust. OR: has to accept the practise.
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    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Thatï½´s what I meant with trusting. As far as I know the law says that the Lion to be hunted must be there for at least 6 months.
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    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    Donï½´t want to say pro or contra to any of the types, to me itï½´s a personal decision. Just two things to think about: - Spot and stalk in a - lets say 20000 acres area, fenced. Is that a "real" hunt? Many hunters say that they never want to hunt in any fenced areas, no matter how big...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: KMG Did It Again

    Marius found out about it a little while before I arrived. Thanks guys.