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    Ruger .375 Setup For Sale

    Package has been sold on another forum. Thank you.
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    Ruger .375 Setup For Sale

    Okay gentlemen ladies, I have finally reached the conclusion that my dangerous game hunting days are over. As a result, my favorite dangerous game rifle is now sitting idle in my gun safe and I see no advantage to leaving it there for the rest of my days. As a result I have a weatherproof Ruger...
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    Your most valued African trophy

    Mine is definately the leopard I took in 2013 with Touch Africa Safaris and Jonathan Collett. It was my third attempt as I severely broke a shoulder on my first try that finally resulted in a complete shoulder replacement after three years and 3 surgeries. I wanted that leopard enough to stick...
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    New South African Regulations for Traveling With Children

    How is child defined? Teenagers?
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    More Binocular Carry

    Attached is a link to a new solution I recently stumbled across. Not bouncy and held close to body. Completely encloses binocs and protects lenses. I am eagerly anticipating it's arrival.
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    New Nightforce scope line

    I have had one of the 2.5-10x32 NXS for about three years and I love it. I got mine with a velocity 600 reticle mounted on a 300 win mag. The scope is bulletproof and with this reticle I have no doubt of my ability to hit my target out to 600 yards. I also made good use of the lighted reticle on...
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    375 Ruger vs 375 H&H

    Have you tried the shorter barrels? I had not. For 40 years a favorite nothing but magnum rifles and flinched at anything less than 26 inch barrel. Then I got my 375 Ruger Alaska. I chose it primarily for the synthetic stock and more weatherproof finish which I have come to prefer. It has become...
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    375 Ruger vs 375 H&H

    I have had a 375 Ruger four years now. I got the Alaskan model with the 20 inch barrel. I have to say that I love this gun. It has as accompanied me to both Alaska and Zimbabwe and has performed flawlessly. I love the standard length action and the Ruger rifle. I am not concerned about the...
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    Leopard Pictures

    I meant to say female and not email in the previous post. I'm having difficulties with arthritis in my fingers and so I'm using dragonfly naturally speaking to dictate most of my written words now and it appears to have a learning process. The software needs to educate itself as to how I speak...
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    Leopard Pictures

    We shot this email with trail camp in April of this year
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    Berger bullets for hunting

    I took the new 30 caliber Berger 185 gr hunting VLD's to Zimbabwe with me in April. I have been using the Bergers exclusively for five or six years but had mixed results in Africa. They worked adequately on Impala and I did manage to shoot a leopard with my 300 win mag. I shot the leopard...
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    Medical insurance/assistance??

    I had never given this kind of insurance a thought until 4 years ago. I don't know why but I decided to try it in 2009 for a trip to Zimbabwe. Felt at 60 I was getting old I guess. Turns out I was very correct. I did sustain a serious injury on that trip and needed Global Rescue to advise...
  13. Leopard Zimbabwe

    Leopard Zimbabwe

  14. Leopard Zimbabwe

    Leopard Zimbabwe

  15. Kudu fighting

    Kudu fighting