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    Uk trophy ban
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    Uk trophy ban

    Should go live soon
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    Uk trophy ban If there are a uk members or you know a uk registered citizen that will sign this, please sign and share , we must stand together and fight this as other countries will follow
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    WANTED: Plains Game Namibia 2020

    try Aru game lodges very family orientated have hunted with them 10 times amazing
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    Best Namibian Outfitter?

    Been to ARU game lodges many times over many years (twice this year already) ,first class lodges first class hunting ,very safe and very well organised from day of arrival to the day you leave and trust me you will want to go back !!! also hunted Caprivi with them great buff area
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Getaway Kalahari Safari?

    hi Bob ,try ARU game lodges speak with Danene ,I have been there many times with my non hunting wife its excellent ,food ,lodges setting etc,they also have arranged many extra activities and have also flown me around Namibia to some exceptional spots .the hunting is fair chase and extremely...
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    Made me laugh

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    HELP NEEDED To Find Scott van Zyl Gone Missing In Zimbabwe

    Ph's ,hunters and friends from ZIM ,SA,Africa,America,UK and around the world come together in times of need ,lets not forget hunting people are genuine people ,SCOTT was truly one of them , we all pray for those that need it ,at this time lets all say a prayer for the family and loved ones...
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    WANTED: Namibia Cull Hunt

    hi Gordon I am only down the road from you in Hertfordshire if you want a chat
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    WANTED: Namibia Cull Hunt

    Try ARU game lodges in Namibia (such a special place ),or MD Safaris in SA both great places
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    WANTED: Looking For A Namibia Plains Game Hunt

    I have been to Aru quite a few times the hunting is great they have 2 farms 144k hectare and its proper walk and stalk ,not flash but comfy , great ph,s in fact I am back there in 3 weeks