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  1. Elephant Botswana

    Elephant Botswana

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    Botswana opening

    Botswana Elephant seen Sunday...
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    Outfitters and PH's Please respond. All others: who does this...?

    Let just say there was an accident and someone gets shot and you land up in court where the judge asks you , “where you drinking ?” If your reply is yes - but just one beer.....The only thing you are going to hunt is cockroaches in prison.
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    Botswana opening

    The Tuli Elephans were the closest to South Africa back in the Ivory hunting days and as such the genetics of big ivory has been shot out 100 years ago. In 30 years of visiting the Farm which borders the Tuli circle the biggest ivory I recall is maybe 60 pounds . There are some huge elephant...
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    Botswana opening

    The eastern part of Botswana has the highest concentration of Elephants in the world at the moment. This according to my pilot friend who flew the elephant census team around the country 2018. By implication this is where you want to hunt if you are looking for a good bull. Yes the Elephants do...
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    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    Original 505 - tick....
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    404 Jeffery Reloading

    You can try removing the expander when resizing - or set up to roll crimp. We do this with Peregrine Solid bullets.
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    Harald Wolf Gunsmith

    Does anyone have a contact email for Harald or business please?
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    Botswana Dangerous Game Hunting

    Looking good Jaco!
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    Best way to pay for a Safari?

    The banking sector in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia is very well developed so Wiring funds is usually as easy as getting the swift code. If you have a banking app on your phone you could get it set up to do it without having to go to your branch. Some cash is always good but tips on local...
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    458 socom for charging cats?

    Well Ray I guess the only way is to test it! Anyone here willing to be a test dummy?
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    9.3x62 bullets- I was given 286g Hirtenburger H mantel bullets to try out by fellow PH in Limpopo. This is all he uses as his Bushveld plains game combo and after 30 years swears by this. I think it’s because he shoulders a 1938 single square bridge mauser...I‘M in the process of freshening up a...
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    9.3x62 vs 375H&H

    I grew up with a 375 as the farm rifle in the Tuli Block area of Botswana it served us well from steenbok to Eland ! Once we had to down a rogue Elephant . I now own 5 rifles in this caliber and 2 in 9,3x 62. If it’s going to be non DG I would lean towards the 9.3x62 it shoots like a 30-06 but...
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    Rifle for Plains Game and Dangerous Game

    This is a very good summary... and it should not only apply to this hunt but all future hunts. I’d go 375 - your ph will have enough gun as a back up on DG.
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    Well thanks to all the enablers here... LOL

    So you have to wait a few days? .... I’m still waiting for my license to be approved for a 9x57 mauser bought 8 months ago!