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    Your Hunting Vehicle

    I am sure that it will also serve as added protection, since it is attached to the frame at the back, but not sure about the front as it is attached to the windshield hinges in front. The manufacturer states it is not a roll cage.
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    Your Hunting Vehicle

    Never know when you might be able to practice :-)
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    Giraffe Pictures

    here are a few more
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    Warthog Pictures

    Well OK, some more warthog pics ;-)
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    Impala Pictures

    Here is mine
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    Kudu Pictures

    My Fav animal the Kudu this one taken with Claude Kleynhans
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    Cape Eland & Livingstone Eland Pictures

    great Eland images Here is mine
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    Waterbuck Pictures

    Great Waterbuck pics Here a re few of mine
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    Your Hunting Vehicle

    Mine is a Jeep also ;-)
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    Buffalo Pictures

    Great Buff pics! Here are few more common sized buffs
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    Lion Pictures

    Great shots Doc! I have a few myself