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    What to do with a giraffe

    also pistol grips are getting popular due to issues with ivory
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    Got the CZ blues

    you can solve that problem by shooting Barnes TSX ammo as they are a type of pointed bullet and feed very nice I have a 550 and have zero problems with feeding these fact I load the 450 bullet to 3.680 in. with 78 grains of AA2230 powder for 2315fps an d 5300 lbs of energy.the 458 in...
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    Loads for .458 Winchester Magnum

    with aa2230 powder it is very easy to up the load to 84 gr and achieve 6200 lbs of energy if you want more but pay the price with recoil something I do not wish to do especially with a bad shoulder and there is no reason to load anything over 450 grains with the high quality bullets we now have...
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    Loads for .458 Winchester Magnum

    for what it is worth my load is 78 gr AA2230, Federal 215 primer, Hornady case, Barnes 450 TSX Bullet velocity is 2310 at 15 feet, 5333lbs energy,col is 3.678 50 yard group is 1/2". this is from a cz550 and shows no pressure or extraction issues and the TSX bullet feeds very nicely. thanks Jim
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    Need 458 Lott & 416 Rigby Brass

    Precision Reloading in Mitchell,Sd 605-223-0900 I believe 63.99 box of 50 if I remember correctly
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    Leupold Warranty

    years ago when I shot silhouette competition I had a scope break 6.5-20 with large turrets on a Sat. called then Monday when they opened and explained what happened and told the guy I had a state championship to go to on Thursday that week and could he do something. he told me to over night it...
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    458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott

    not trying to hijack this thread but before finding this site I was looking for a 458 Lott then I came upon Accurate Loading site I looked at the big bore section and found 186 pages on the 458 Win mag verses 458 Lott after reading I purchased a Cz 550 458 Win Mag and now I have started...
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    Big bore load development process

    I just loaded one round to check velocity starting with 74.0 gr of 2230 powder and seated the bullet to 3.600 using the Barnes 450 gr TSX crimped 3rd grove down no powder compression chambers fine in fact loaded 4 dummies to check feeding and all is well.if it was not below zero right now I...
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    Big bore load development process

    I have not shot anything but my hand loads for over 45 years the only factory ammo is for a 22 long rifle