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    AR-type Rifles

    @mdwest @YancyW thanks for the info, much appreciated.
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    AR-type Rifles

    Please forgive perhaps a silly question: Why are some people on Youtube holding the AR style weapons in a really funny looking hold? The front hand has the thumb over the barrel and it looks really uncomfortable. When I was a kid I was taught to let the stock rest in the palm of the off hand...
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    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    Thanks for the video. That area where you film with the creek seems idyllic.
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    Jihadists seize Moz port

    Eeben Barlow wrote a book called Executive Outcomes about his own experiences. Although he may have had another opinion about being a mercenary. I enjoyed reading the book.
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    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    Since so many of the Tiny 10 are shot as opportunity arises there will be the inevitable damaged bodies if you use the rifle you have in hand. Perhaps people with stronger willpower than I posses would be able to decline a shot if they have it due to not the right bullet available in the rifle...
  6. Hunting Sailor to be updated

    Will the app still be available after the upgrade? Thanks
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    Which is the best game meat?

    I think the taste of the meat differs a bit depending where the animal was. The Kalahari Springbok taste different in my view than the Karoo version etc. My list goes like this: 1- Mountain Reedbuck 2- Impala 3- Springbok
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    One year from now, what will things look like

    It’s not fun and certainly no vacation, but we do what we can to repatriate everyone. It’s after all each shipping company’s responsibility to make sure the crew is repatriated no matter what. The last couple of weeks has seen a bit of movement in the receiving countries. Charter flights are...
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    WIN a FREE Wapiti Hunter Butcher Knife By Von Gruff in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    Congratulations @Bowfish and thanks @Von Gruff for the opportunity.
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    WIN a FREE South African Hunt Valued at US$6,300 for 2 Hunters from AFRICA SUN SAFARIS for 2020

    Congratulations @Josh3105. Enjoy the hunt and time in the veld.
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    Thought Provoking Question : How Many Of You Would Use A Smaller Calibre If It Were Legal?

    The legal minimums are set for a reason (right, wrong, or indifferent) and if you don’t agree with the regulations, then go to work on them. Why would you not follow the minimum caliber rules? You follow many other rules. If you’re caught out using the wrong caliber you may or may not be in...
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    Videographer / Film Maker Limpopo 2020

    I’m assuming now, but I would bet a very pretty sum that any videographer worth their salt would be willing to travel from PE to Limpopo. iGala Productions is one that also comes to mind. They travel all over, Zambia, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, Mozambique, basically anywhere you would want...
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    No Waste No Hunger Initiative

    Hey, All the power to you for wanting to help in the fight against poaching. Typically the landowner in South Africa owns the animals on the land. If it’s open land they don’t, but for all terms let’s say that they dispose of the animals shot on their land. The going rate from a butcher for...