I'm just an old guy who is living the dreams of my youth. Had I only known 55 years ago what Africa is like, I would have made my first trip when I was an old 20 year old just back from Vietnam. I think I would have found some peace earlier than I did.
North Carolina, USA
Country of residence
United States
State/Province of residence
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About You
Love Africa. Planning 6th trip to South Africa
I am a
  1. Hunter
  2. Fisherman
Member of
Chatuge Gun Club in Hiawassee, Georgia, USA
Have you hunted in Africa?
Number of times I have hunted in Africa
My favorite African country
South Africa
United States; Argentina; South Africa
Species I have hunted in Africa
kudu, zebra, bontebok, black wildebeest, blue wildebeest, warthog, springbok, eland, gemsbok, impala, steinbok, mountain reedbuck, duiker, bushbuck, blesbuck, fallow deer, waterbuck, nyala, cape buffalo, red hartebeest, and roan
My best African Trophy
Cape Buffalo; 41" across the horns, 14" bosses
Northern Cape, South Africa (Hunt the Sun Safaris)
My favorite African trophies
kudu, nyala, Cape Buffalo, steinbok, roan
My preferred weapon(s)
What weapon(s) do you hunt with?
  1. Rifle
  2. Bow
  3. Muzzleloader
My preferred optic(s)
Leupold and Vortex
Gear I cannot live without
My wool hunting coat
My best hunting tip
Practice shooting off sticks and listen to your PH
My other interests
hunting deer, pheasants, and quail in the US