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    USA: Arctic Grizzly

    For info, my outfitter was Lyle Becker, with On this hunt as an assistant guide, was Joey Klutsch, who is also an outfitter, Both are terrific young men with a huge amount of experience hunting and fishing Alaska. I'd happily...
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    NAMIBIA: 20 Days With Keibeb Safaris

    What a great trip! Thanks for the write-up. Guy
  3. 30-06 Hunting Rifle on a tanned hide of a Arctic Grizzly

    30-06 Hunting Rifle on a tanned hide of a Arctic Grizzly

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    New Bear Thumpers

    Love that 375 Marlin!
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    USA: Arctic Grizzly

    Updated, with a photo of the tanned hide. The fur is incredible!
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    Hunting alone

    Hunting alone, often for mule deer, I've had to either quarter or even bone out a buck. Then pack the meat out on my back. I'm pleased to say that I can still do that! :) Nice buck you got there, and I like that idea of hauling it up into the tree for the field dressing and skinning. Working...
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    Trophy / Taxidermy question

    I've yet to hunt Africa, just North America. As I consider a hunt, I find myself thinking that I'll just take a lot of photos, quality photos, when I can, and perhaps only actually have one or two bleached skulls and maybe a "flat" tanned hide shipped. Rather than having all sorts of animals...
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    Comment by 'Guy M' in media 'Hunting Grizzly Bear'

    @Rick Cox - sorry I didn't see your comment. The grizzly was taken in the Brooks Range, well north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska, spring hunt 2017. Lyle Becker of Alaska Skookum Guides was the outfitter. Joey Klutsch was my guide. Joey is also an outfitter and has Aniakchack Guide Service, King...
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    Grizzly Hunt Article is Published!

    My arctic grizzly hunt article has been published in Successful Hunter magazine and is available. I'm very pleased with the layout, and they included several of my photos. Regards, Guy
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    The Dangers Of Allowing Predator Populations To Go Unchecked

    Hey! I took that black bear photo last year in Canada, on my way home from a grizzly hunt. Cool. Glad you liked it. :) Regards, Guy
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    Ruger No.1

    I've used my 375 H&H Number One to take three black bear in Washington State now. It's proven accurate and reliable. Thoroughly enjoy hunting with it. One bear had been wounded by another hunter, and I went into the brush after it. Ended up shooting it at about 10 or 15 feet! That was a pretty...
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    Comment by 'Guy M' in media 'Remington 700 Safari in .375 HH Rifle'

    No rear sight? I don't see a lot of Remington 700's in 375 or larger. Have usually had good results with them in smaller cartridges though. For me they've been accurate & reliable. I like the looks of this rifle, clean & simple.
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    Peregrine 165 gr 30-06 Load Development

    The 30-06 is a true, lifelong favorite of mine. Years ago I settled on a 165 grain bullet over 58 grains of H4350 as my general purpose load. Two years ago, I bumped that load up to 59 grains, using a Nosler Ballistic Tip. Accuracy remained very good, and I was impressed to see an average of...
  14. Bird Hunting Rifle

    Bird Hunting Rifle