De’longhi EC155 Espresso And Cappuccino Maker: Is It The Best Coffee Maker At A Budget Price?

Frequent coffee drinkers know the true value of a top coffee maker. If the huge investment in a best-rated coffee maker is what deters you from the thought of enjoying freshly brewed coffee at home, you can still start small. Today we are going to review the model that is our pick for the
best coffee maker in the world at a budget price for beginners just like you: The De’longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker.
  • Design
The De’longhi EC155 is a small model that is not going to take up a lot of room on your kitchen counter. At the weight of merely 7.2 pounds, it is also a compact and portable coffee maker.

Like other standard good coffee makers, the De’longhi EC155 employs a portafilter device to contain coffee grounds during the brewing process. Single and double shot coffee use two separate metal filters with appropriate depths to handle different loads of coffee grounds. The De’longhi EC155 goes with a removable water reservoir that can hold up to 1L of water.


The interface on the EC155 is really simple. It has a main dial in the front with four marked modes, which are self-explanatory by their symbols. Users will not have to struggle with a bunch of controls. They only need minimum effort to turn on the machine for coffee brewing. To signal when hot water is ready for brewing, the EC155 will switch its light indicator from red to green. There is an additional knob on top of EC155 that allows you to manipulate the flow of steam.

One thing that you will be happy to find in this top rated coffee maker is its compatibility with both pods and grounds. When you have more options to explore, your morning coffee experience is going to be more vibrant.
  • Build quality
The De’longhi EC155 is a budget model, so the build quality is nothing spectacular. For its price, however, it is a decent choice. The body of the machine is made of hard plastic while its major parts like the boiler and the steam wand are made of stainless steel. The coffee machine is a solid option for heavy use, but if you want to make sure that your EC155 will be up and running for a long time, you should always treat its plastic body with care.


  • Performance
To be fair, the EC155 is not close to winning the best coffee machine to brew espresso. Since it is more of a beginner’s model, the quality of espresso the EC155 can produce is not always with high consistency. It has difficulty extracting and delivering full complex flavors from some types of more expensive coffee beans. That said, we believe anyone who owns an EC155 model will most likely get satisfactory results at this reasonable price range.

It should be noted that the EC155 is a powerful coffee maker. It is rare to come across other models at this size that can exert 15 bars of pressure, enough to pull espresso shots at a high level of performance.

Incorporating a swivel jet frother, the EC155 can create amazing foam from milk. This feature may quickly transform your regular cups of coffee into delicious cappuccino in a minute.

In brief, the De’longhi EC155 may be the Best Coffee Maker for beginners or people who are on a tight budget. If you are still looking for other options, we can give you the help you need. Make sure to take a look at all the recommended coffee makers in our experts’ coffee maker reviews here before putting down any order.

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