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    Rains Down in Africa

    Use this website and add the location you are interested in. Parts of Namibia has received good rains this season with hopefully much more to come...
  2. Young hunter

    Young hunter

    A young man with his first hunt. Dad is very proud of his son... I love guiding young hunters
  3. Trophy Blesbuck

    Trophy Blesbuck

  4. Best hunting friends

    Best hunting friends

    Beautiful Black Wildebeest hunt that both friends enjoyed tremendously using a 300 WSM with 180gr Accubond
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    Comment by 'Gerhard' in media 'Kudu'

    @Hunter101 I hunt with 125gr Slick Trick Std broad heads.
  6. White Rhino - Pilansberg

    White Rhino - Pilansberg

  7. Buffalo Sun Set

    Buffalo Sun Set

    Buffalo on the Limpopo flood plains
  8. Cape Buff in the Limpopo Riverine Forest

    Cape Buff in the Limpopo Riverine Forest

    Note that this buff had a scar from poachers snare around its neck
  9. Cape Buff in the Mopani

    Cape Buff in the Mopani

  10. Dagha Boys

    Dagha Boys

  11. Nyala


  12. Sable


  13. White Rhino

    White Rhino

  14. Plains Zebra

    Plains Zebra

  15. Gerhard

    Fundraiser for wounded fellow Professional Hunter FC Prinsloo

    I am sad to inform you that FC has passed away this morning. Condolences to his family and close friends. RIP